How To Download Manga Comics With MangaRipper For Windows XP / Vista / 7


How To Download Manga Comics With MangaRipper For Windows XP / Vista / 7

I personally simply love the arts, you’ll probably know that the best thing for a visual arts freak is the fact that they usually search for more and more viewers for that operating system (Windows) or even (Linux) in order to enjoy all sorts of graphic stuff.¬†That’s why in this article and by the way I’m sure all the¬†visual arts freak will enjoy this a lot, but the Manga fans will¬†definitely they will be bliss.

You all are familiar with the (if you are a Manga fan) file viewers such QManga for that Windows operating system, and the additional Comix for the Linux operating system. To be fair your in good hands because we did cover many Manga file viewers.

But this time we are bringing the “bing Manga guns” because today we are covering a¬†pretty¬†awesome Manga¬†downloader, that go’s by the name of Manga Ripper. Let me have the pleasure to introduce this Manga¬†downloader, because is so handy wen we talk about how to¬†easy you can¬†grab¬†Manga comic from an entered URL.

The thing that makes this Manga Ripper very¬†helpful and a good¬†acquisition for any Manga fan, is the fact that¬†it can automatically download manga series from ‚Äėread manga online‚Äô websites! Here comes the sweet part because MangaRipper is able to¬†provide¬†build- in links to Manga comic websites from where you can conveniently locate your favorite Manga comic to download.

Surely the Torrent needs are over because the Manga Ripper will simply stop the need¬†for looking up Manga Torrent files and having to deal with dead torrents.¬†Let me tell you about that cool¬†interface of the Ripper¬†because¬†it’s¬†a simplified and self explanatory¬†interface and anyone can use it.

You can easily access the guidelines by clicking on the FAQs button at the bottom of the interface. The options are so simplified and you will probably not be requiring very high details because of the simplicity of available options there.

So to let you understand better here is how you can use the URL in the Ripper, simply just enter¬†URL in the URL text box and then click “Get Chapters”. After clicking the “Get Chapter” then the¬†available chapters will appear on the left hand side and from where you can choose the desired list of chapters by click the”Add Selected To Queue”. When those chapters are simply been added to the Queue please proceed by clicking the “Start Download” to begin¬†begin the Downloading process.

The best part is not over because the Manga Ripper will indeed provide not one but, three Manga comic website links:

  1. MangaFox.

  2. MangaShare.

  3. BleachFile.

It’s a¬†pretty¬†good deal if you ask me, because once¬†again¬†this is¬†addressed to all the¬†Manga fans what more do you need?¬†The Ripper give the users the ability to stop searching for Manga websites, or read online but instead it can provide very useful links to find URLs for your favorite comic books for downloading.

The Manga Ripper works on :

  1. Windows 7.

  2. Windows Vista.

  3. Windows XP.

Here you can download the Manga Ripper.

I hope you liked this article and do not hesitate to let us know what is your opinion on the Ripper, Enjoy!

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