How To Unlock LG Breeze GW520


How To Unlock LG Breeze GW520

The LG Breeze GW520 phone features a slide-out Qwerty keyboard that makes the texting more convenient and includes the push social networking innovation, that helps people keep in touch with each other. With the help of he high-speed 3G HSDPA connectivity, the LG Breeze GW520 users can now sent emails and attached files faster. The 3MP camera that comes with LG Breeze GW520 is completed by a 2.8-inch touchscreen with 3D S Calls interface.

LG Breeze GW520 also includes LG LiveSquare function, that allows the users to add customized animated content on the homesecreen of their phone. LG Breeze GW520 is optimized for social networking and allows real-time notifications, so you can see what your friends wrote or uploaded instantly, on websites like MySpace, Facebook or others. LG Breeze GW520.

If you were able to get your hands on a¬†LG Breeze GW520 and from I don’t know what reasons you want to unlock it from the network carrier is currently locked to you came to the right place. The following method will help you unlock¬†LG Breeze GW520 with the help of a¬†specialized¬†website, but is likely that your network carrier not to be very happy you unlocked your device, so the¬†LG Breeze GW520 warranty might void.

The following LG Breeze GW520 unlock method is safe for your phone and we should mention that once you unlock your LG Breeze GW520 using the below procedure, the device is permanently unlocked, so you will be able to install firmwares subsequently without locking your phone back to the carrier.

If you are getting error messages like “Network Locked,” “No Simcard Allowed,” or “Network Code” error messages when you insert another GSM network SIM in your¬†device, you can get rid of them by simply unlocking your¬†LG Breeze GW520.

The following tutorial will help you unlock¬†LG Breeze GW520 from Telus, AT&T or any other carriers, and then you will be able to use any GSM network. Note that this method won’t work if you have tried a faulty unlock code on your¬†LG Breeze GW520, so you will have to make sure that your¬†LG Breeze GW520 is not “Hard Locked” (which means that you haven’t imputed incorrect codes too many times) before proceeding to unlock the device using this tutorial.

Anyway, if it’s a brand new¬†LG Breeze GW520 you won’t have to worry about being hard locked and proceed to unlock it to use it on any GSM network without any restrictions.

Now let’s see what you have to do in order to unlock¬†LG Breeze GW520:

  1. First you will have to go the the specialized website that provides unlocking codes for LG Breeze GW520, by clicking here

  2. Once you got the respective webpage, select¬†GW520¬†Breeze from the drop-down menu next to the “Select your LG device” field. Now you must select the network carrier your¬†LG Breeze GW520 is locked to.

  3. In the “IMEI” field, type in the IMEI number of your¬†LG Breeze GW520. The IMEI must be 15-17 digits long, and you can find it by going to your¬†LG Breeze GW520 dialing pad and by¬†typing *#06#.

  4. Now press the “Look for Code!” button and then you will be taken to a page where you will have to provide contact informations and an email address where you will receive the¬†LG Breeze GW520 unlock code.

  5. Double-check to see if the contact informations you provided are correct. After the informations are compiled and the payment is received you will be sent an email with the unlock code for your device and detailed informations for how to unlock your LG Breeze GW520. Note that you should also check the spam folder of your email.

Now that you received the LG Breeze GW520 unlock code, please follow the below instructions in order to complete the unlock procedure:

  1. First you will have to insert an SIM card from a GSM carrier, other than the one your LG Breeze GW520 is locked to.

  2. You will receive a message reading “SIM network unlock PIN” on the display of your LG Breeze GW520.

  3. Now type in the unlock code you received in your email

  4. Congratulations, you successfully unlocked LG Breeze GW520

This tutorial to unlock¬†LG Breeze GW520 is easy to follow even though you are not an advanced phone user, but the only issue is that is not free of charge. Anyway, it’s safe and the advantage is that you are permanently unlocking your¬†LG Breeze GW520, so you are then free to install firmware updates without locking it back. Feel free to share your¬†opinions¬†with us or write about any problems you encountered in the comments area below.

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