How To Fix / Change Bad Windows 7 File Associations


How To Fix / Change Bad Windows 7 File Associations

We did notice that day by day there are a couple of question regarding how can you fix or change lnk file associations on Windows 7?

This is why we found the solution to the problem.

In this article you will learn the solution to the above question, but we’re not done yet, because we will be discussing about what file type associations are, how you’ll be able to change them and why there were so many issues with .lnk file associations in Windows.

I’m sure you all have been simply running into this issue again and again, so yep is time for you to simply start examine its cause and find out how to deal with it or better yet, avoid it altogether. To understand better the file association connects a file type with an application that can open this type of file.

Let’s say for example you can easily associate, any .mp3 music files with either VLC or with any other media player of your choice, such as Windows Media Player (default) or Winamp.

You are able also to associate other file types with the same program. But to be fair there are file types that these programs can’t open.

Let’s give a little example such as: Windows Media Player cannot open document file types.

In case of this you will indeed need to associate these files with a different program please make a different connection. In some cases this comes from .lnk file associations.

Usually in the operating system Windows, the files carrying the .lnk (LNK) file extension are the shortcut files that in many cases they ink to an executable, i.e. an .exe file. Those shortcut files can typically be found on the start menu or on the desktop, but you can create and use them almost anywhere on your PC.

How Can I Change Or Fix A Bad File Association?

Do not worry, because the hole fixing or changing a file association is a very simple process.

Let’s say for the example: if you accidentally associated .pdf files with a program that cannot open them.

The problem solver will be to change the association back to Adobe Reader (or another PDF reader that can open them).

Please follow the bellow procedure:

  1. Go on the PDF file and right-click on it.

  2. Then please select the “Open With” from the right-click menu.

  3. The “Open With” will pop up now and you can either pick a program from the list of “Other Programs” or simply click the “Browse’ button and then go ahead and find the application you want to open this file type with.

  4. In case you desire to simply make change permanent, then please proceed to check the box next to : “Aways use the selected program to open this kind of file”.

  5. The final step will be to click on the “OK” and by so this will mean that all your PDF files should now open with the program of your choice.

How Can I Fix A Broken .lnk File Association?

In most of the cases the file types will start to attract little attention, unless when they stop working. The usually factors in case of files stops are this two:

  1. Either the file association indeed broken.

  2. The second factor is that the registry got corrupted.

So I’m sure that you are looking for the easiest way to fix it in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that’s way you’ll need to start download and run the lnk file association fix from this web (here is the direct download).

First thing first, you need to have Administrator rights, after witch you’ll need to unzip the file to the desktop, simply right-click the “Inkfix_vista.reg file” followed with the click on the “Merge”. The following will be that the file will make the necessary changes to the registry to fix the file association.

Please make sure to reboot the PC and then this problem should be gone. The website is able to fix other bad file associations, including “.exe, .zip, and .com files”.

Why Do So Many People Have Issues With .lnk File Associations?

So you did understand what basically happens to the .lnk files. This file are are not typically associated with a specific program and what corrupts them is doing just that. This problem can be achieved by malware, but in many cases this can probably happen more by accident because when the users go through the “Open With” dialog and they accidentally associate the shortcut with an application.

The only cure for this will be to simply pay attention.

So if you want to keep it clean then we advise that you start to use the firewall, antivirus software, from time to time simply run malware scanners and most important not visiting dubious websites or downloading and opening files from questionable sources. Let us know how you did on this matter and don’t hezitate to let us know if you encountered any problem. Enjoy!

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