How To Unlock LG Thrive P506


How To Unlock LG Thrive P506

Hi guys. For all LG Thrive P506 users I have good news. Now, you can unlock your LG device easily. You also may know that LG Thrive P506 is the AT&T version of LG Phoenix P505. The Thrive comes with Android 2.2 Froyo operating system and with a 600 MHz processor. If you want to learn how to unlock your LG thrive P506 from AT&T to any carrier network, read the following article.

Before start the unlock process, you must know that this guide is only for LG Thrive P506. You will need to find the phone IMEI. It is very easy to find your phone IMEI. You must to access the call section and you must to type the following code: *#06#. After the unlock process you will be able to use your LG Thrive P506 in any carrier network.

Here are the main steps for How To Unlock LG Thrive P506:
  1. First, you must to navigate here.

  2. Then, in the first box you must to enter your model phone, in our case you must to select Thrive P506.

  3. Then, in the second box, you must to choose the locked carrier network, in our case select AT&T.

  4. Next, in the third box, type your phone IMEI.

  5. Now, you must to simply press the Look for Code! button and enter your email where you want to receive the unlock code and the instructions.

  6. Finally, open the entered email to be able to see the code to unlock your LG Thrive P506.

And that’s all. Now, you will be able to use your LG Thrive P506 in any carrier network. It is a very easy way and ut is 100% fully working. If you have problems to unlock your LG device, don’t forget, you can type any question in the comments area below.

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