How To Encrypt Or Delete Your iPhone, iPad, And iPod Backups


How To Encrypt Or Delete Your iPhone, iPad, And iPod Backups

Hi guys. Apple is one the most famous phone brand in the world. Their last iPhone is iPhone 4. Also they has launched their last tablet iPad 2. You can use your iPhone now to make a video call, thanks to Facetime app and also you can record videos in HD mode. Also, you must know that iPhone or iPad devices are dependent by iTunes. In iTunes app, you can sync your phone or your tablet to transfer your preferred music, your videos, your pictures and other personal data. Also, you may know that iTunes helps you to create a backup to restore later. If you want to learn how to encrypt or how to delete your iPhone, iPad and iPod Backups, read the following article.

Here are the main steps for How To Encrypt Your iPhone, iPad, And iPod Backups:
  1. First, you must to open the iTunes app on your computer(iTunes is available for Windows – XP, Vista, 7 32-bits or 64-bits and also for Mac OS X).

  2. Now, you must to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod device to your computer, using the USB cable.

  3. Then, you must to press on your Apple device in the left side.

  4. Next, you must to go down to the Options section and you must to check the following button: Encrypt iDevice backup.

  5. You will receive a dialog box to set a backup password(remember the password because you will not be able to make a restore without it).

  6. After, you have set the password, the iTunes application will start to make the encrypted backup of your iDevice.

Here are the instructions for How To Delete Your iPhone, iPad, And iPod Backups:
  1. First, you must to open your iTunes application on your compiter.

  2. Then, you must to navigate to iTunes > Preferences on Mac OS X computers or Edit > Preferences on Windows computers.

  3. Now, you must to click on the Devices tab.

  4. Now, you will be able to see a backup list with all your backups. Also, you will find the Delete Backup button.

  5. Finally, you must to simply select the desired backup that you want to delete and then press the Delete Backup button.

And that’s all. Now, you will be able to control your backups, event you want to encrypt them or you want to delete them. It is very easy and it is 100% fully working. If you have any questions, don’t forget to share them in the comments area below.

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