How To Unlock Your AT&T HTC Freestyle


How To Unlock Your AT&T HTC Freestyle

Hi guys. For all HTC Freestyle fans and also for HTC Freestyle users, I have good news. You may know that Freestyle is a phone from HTC that comes with a 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM processor, with an internal memory of 256 MB RAM, with a 3.2-inch display with 320×480 HVGA resolution and also with a capacitive touch screen. Also, the HTC Freestyle phone have a 3.2 MP camera and a weight of 128 grams. The phone is available on AT&T, but if you want to learn how to unlock your HTC Freestyle, read the following article and then you will be able to us it in any carrier network.

Before start the unlock process of HTC Freestyle, you must know that this is the complete guide only for this phone. You will need the phone IMEI code. To find the phone iMEI code you must to type in the call section the following code: *#06#. It is a very easy method to unlock your HTC phone and it is also 100% fully working.

Here are the instructions for How To Unlock Your AT&T HTC Freestyle:
  1. First, you must go here to receive a HTC Freestyle code.

  2. Then, you must to select your phone, in this case you must choose Freestyle.

  3. Next, you must to choose the carrier network, select AT&T.

  4. Now, you must to enter your unique phone IMEI.

  5. Finally, you must press the Look for Code! button. Then you must to enter your email to receive the unlock code and also the instructions.

And that’s all. You must to enter the received code and then you will be able to use your AT&T HTC Freestyle phone in any carrier network. If you have questions don’t hesitate to type them in the comments area below.

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