How To Take Screenshots Of You Rooted Android OS Smartphone/Tablet


How To Take Screenshots Of You Rooted Android OS Smartphone/Tablet

Well, taking a nice screenshot to our desktop was always a press one button issue. There is no computer science when you ask someone to provide a screenshot with anything that is located on their desktop. But how about making a screenshot on an Android smartphone?

Well doing such a thing under Android phones and tablets was always a pretty nasty and hard thing to do. One time I remember I was trying to take a screenshot on my HTC Wildfire. The good news for you and me is that things are evolving. Now there is even an app that will let you take some screen “samples” on your phone or tablet and also let you save these images in PNG or JPEG formats. We are talking of course about Screenshot ER for Android.

I will point towards some of the key features and abilities of this application:

  • You will be able to take a screenshot of your current screen with features like Shake, Delay and Icon-Tap Gestures.

  • Also these screenshots will be saved in a very usual format like PNG or JPG on your SD card.

  • The option to share these screenshots in real time with Picasa, Dropbox or in fact any image sharing app you have installed on your current device.

I have tested this Android app on HTC Wildfire and Huawei Ideos. From the start I have found a nasty drawback: this app is not compatible with unrooted or stock Android devices. With other words, this is an app that will require you to root your device in order for it to work. If you don’t desire to do such a thing there is also the Screenshot It application available to be downloaded on the Android Market. I have found that Screenshot It is a program that works pretty nice on many Android devices but has some important issues for devices with a small screen like this Huawei Ideos I am testing on.

But let’s get back to our main point of discussion which is Screenshot ER. Installing and making the app run is pretty simple. Open Android Market and search for “screenshot ER”. Notice the app is paid but there is also a version available on XDA forums, which is totally free. Here is the step by step tutorial to install Screenshot ER on your Android phone / tablet:

  1. 1st you will need to download the Screenshot ER at the XDA Developers forums here. For this to happen you must be a XDA member to download this donate version. As all apps where you can donate, if you find this one to be very useful please donate to the developer.

  2. After you finish downloading the APK you will need to connect your smartphone to your computer and mount SD card as disk drive.

  3. This is the step where you must copy the APK to SD card root.

  4. After finishing the 3d step disconnect your phone from the computer.

  5. Now download a file manager. I recommend using a program like Astro File Manager and tap on SD card on main app screen (you can find it on Android Market)

  6. Once you have entered your SD card simply go to fahrbot.apps.screen-1.0.8-(r9)-xda-ver.apk and tap on it in order to install the app.

  7. After the installation is 100% complete you will be able to enjoy the Screenshot ER donate version installed on your device.

Now let’s see how you can set up the Screenshot ER. After you have installed the Screenshot ER on your device just tap on the app’s icon located in the home screen. The 1st time the app launches you will be asked for Super User Permissions. Simply tap the Allow option on your screen.

    The 1st thing you will need to do is check the box in front of the Enable Service. By doing so, you will let the application to take screenshots. Now I will let you decide if you desire to select Snap on Shake or Snap on Notification Icon. There are also the options to Take Screenshot Now and Screenshot Delay that will let you delay the screenshot for a couple of seconds. I have found that the easiest way to work with this app is to > enable services > Snap on Notification Icon. You will now be able to find a small camera in notification bar. This can be uncovered once you drag the notification bar down. The process is very simple: just take a screenshot by taping on “Tap to Take a Screenshot”.

    After you take a screenshot there will be a small delay until you will process the picture. When the process is complete there will be several options available for you like: Share, Discard and Save from within the screen. A thing that must be known is the fact that before saving your screenshot there is the need to define a location on the SD card where the photos will be stored. This can be done by using the Storage Folder option in main application. Also know that all pictures will be saved in the JPEG format in Screenshot ER folder of your SD card.

    I have tested this application on both smartphones and tablets and the results were pretty impressive. I have found that this Screenshot ER is a must have for every gadget enthusiast. Also, again if you find this to be very useful don’t forget to donate to the developer. After all you are paying a person that will give you nice apps again and again.

    Be sure to let us know how things have gone and if you encounter any problems ask us in the comment section of the article.

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