How To Take Android Devices Screenshots Using Screenshot ER


How To Take Android Devices Screenshots Using Screenshot ER

Do you like to take photos using your Android devices or tablets? Well, I think that you do, but in the same time you know how tricky can be sometimes. A new application is now available on the market, specially created to take pictures on your smartphone or tablet and save them as .PNG or .JPEG formats. We are talking about the Screenshot ER for Android, and was created by a developer from XDA ( ftgg99 ).

Screenshot ER features:

  • take screenshots by performing a shake.

  • you can save the screenshots as .PNG or .JPG on your SD card.

  • share the images using any app that you have installed on your device.

We had the curiosity to test this application on a HTC Wildfire and Huawei Ideos. Bad news is that you cannot use the application unless you have a rooted or unlocked Android device. If you don’t want to root your device, a simple option is to download Screenshot It from the Market.

If you want to have this application, let me tell you that installing it is a very simple operation. The single thing you have to do is to open Android Market and download the app, which is not free. We will show you how to download this free application from XDA forums.

The Manual Installation Of Screenshot ER:

  • Download Screenshot ER from XDA forums. So you can download it, first you have to register to the XDA forums.

  • After the download has finished, connect your smartphone to your PC and mount the SD card as disk drive.

  • Now copy the files to your SD card.

  • Unplug your phone from the computer.

  • Download Astro File Manager from the Android Market and install it on your device.

  • Open Astro File Manager and click on the SD card.

  • Now on the root of the SD card, find¬†fahrbot.apps.screen-1.0.8-(r9)-xda-ver.apk and tap on it to install.

  • After the process is finished, browse for Screenshot ER on your smartphone

How To Set Up Screenshot ER:

Open the ScreenShot ER application on your smartphone. When you will launch it for the first time, you will be asked for Super User Permissions, which you will have to allow.

Right next to the Enable Service option, you have to check the box so the application can take screenshots. It’s your choice to select either Snap on Shake or Snap on Notification Icon. Features such as Take Screenshot Now and Screenshot Delay will allow users to immediately capture or to delay it.

Now go to Enable Services => Snap on Notification Icon. After you perform this you will notice a camera in the notification bar. Drag the bar down, and from now on you can take screenshots by tapping on Tap to Take a Screenshot. Once the picture is taken, be patient and allow the device to process the image. When the process finishes, you will have further options to use such as Share, Discard or Save.

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