How To See Who Unfriended / Unfollowed You On Facebook And Twitter With TwentyFeet


How To See Who Unfriended / Unfollowed You On Facebook And Twitter With TwentyFeet

Everybody knows that Facebook is one of the biggest socialize web site in the world. Facebook allows you to share pictures, videos, links to keep in touch with your friends and with your family. Also,¬†Twitter¬†is another socialize web site that allows you to read to send messages named tweets. Even you use Facebook or Twitter, you may know that you can socialize with persons. You can easily add a friend, but when you don’t receive a notification when a friend Unfriend you. If you want to learn how to receive the unfriend notification on your Facebook or on your Twitter account, read the following article.

For example, today you have 69 friends and tomorrow you will find 66 friends. But, where are those three friends? You will not receive any notification. If you want to receive the unfriend notifications for Facebook and Twitter accounts, you must to navigate here, to make a TwenyFeet account. This is a special site that sends you the unfriend notification.

TwentyFeet service is free for two accounts. You can set the Facebook account and also the Twitter account. Also, is available for only $2.49 per year for multiple accounts, like: YouTube,, MySpace and Google Analytics. Also, the guys from TwentyFeet promise more services soon.

Now, you will be able to receive the notifications to see who unfrinded or unfollowed your on Facebook and on Twitter, thanks to TwentyFeet service. It is a very simply way and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to type them in the comments area below.

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