How To Run Linux Distros On Mozilla Firefox 4 And Google Chrome 11


How To Run Linux Distros On Mozilla Firefox 4 And Google Chrome 11

In the past when you heard the word Linux you automatically pictured a very geeky dude of course this compared to the Windows and Mac OS X, but things do change eventually, Linux did too. This is why Linux over the past few years it has become more friendly to his users:

  1. Very easy to use.

  2. Now it can emulate a hip desktop environment which is similar to both Mac OS X and Windows.

If you are a new Linux user you’ll need to know that Linux comes with several popular “Linux Distros” such as we might heard:

  1. Ubuntu.

  2. Fedora.

  3. JoliCloud.

  4. Linux Mint.

If you¬†are not¬†decided on Linux yet,¬†there’s¬†no problem because you can simply try it¬†also dual-boot on your Windows machine (please see how to install or try Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Using Wubi).

In case you really are¬†afraid of installing additional software on your PC, don’t worry we’ve got it covered, you know have the ability to¬†test out Linux from your web browser, with just¬†only the command prompt meaning that you’ll not need to install it on your machine.

This is possible¬†because¬†of what the pro calls¬†browser emulator, this was created by a port of an¬†emulator called QEMU to JavaScript.¬†The QEMU makes part of the open source project and it’s amachine emulator and virtualizer. So by far if you are using the¬†dynamic translation as it performs very well.

Picture that if used as a¬†visualizer, the QEMU can achieve neat native¬†performances by simply executing that guest code directly on to the host CPU. It’s really important to notice that the QEMU is supports virtualization in Linux.

In case of using KVM, then the QEMU can virtualize x86, server and embedded PowerPC, and S390 guests. This emulator was written by Fabrice Bellard, an open source developer. Fabrice Bellard is fully responsible for several other popular projects in the past. Another important thing to know is that the Linux PC emulator was written fully in JavaScript and it also was compiled using 2.6.20 Linux Kernel pretty neat.

The emulated hardware consists of:

  1. One 32 bit x86 compatible CPU.

  2. The 8259 Programmble Interrupt Controller.

  3. Plus the 8254 Programmble Interrupt Timer

  4. Finally the 16450 UART.

The modern browsers can support smarter and much faster JavaScript engines. Nowadays the Linux emulator for browsers are powerful because of the JavaScript. The developers did taste the Linux browser in Google Chrome 11 and Firefox 4 and there ware no problems at this chapter, the only problem comes from the fact that the beta version of Google Chrome is not yet supported.

Please make sure to test out the Linux OS by simply visiting We suggest that you visit the technical notes page for much more info about the Linux emulator for the browser. Go ahead and give it a try, you can also let us know how this went for you. Enjoy!

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