How To Uninstall / Remove Mac Protector Virus ( Removal Guide )


How To Uninstall / Remove Mac Protector Virus ( Removal Guide )

Recent reports show that Apple Inc have become the most valuable brand in the world, overtaking brands like Google, IBM and Microsoft. This climbing is mostly a part of an incredible marketing strategy. Apple is famous for their line of Macintosh PCs, and later they launched some nice devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Anyway the brand made everyone believe, that once you buy a Mac you won’t have to worry about¬†viruses¬†and malicious softwares, which is not true. Some of our readers have recently complained about a malware that is affecting their computers running on Mac OS X. More precisely it’s a fake AV program that infects Macs and behaves like a trojan virus.

We did a little research and found out that the fake AV program that is infecting Mac OS X computers comes with different names, like Apple Security Center, Apple Web Security, Mac Defender, Mac Protector. The following tutorial will teach you how to remove the Mac Protector Malware, the trojan virus that infects Mac OS X computers.

But before proceeding to remove the¬†Mac Protector virus, let’s have a look at how you can get it on your Mac OS X computer and how¬†Mac Protector virus works.

In most of the cases, while you navigate on the web, you might be redirected to a web page that pop-ups likr a Mac OS X dialog box, and prompts you that Apple Security Center / Apple Web Security / Mac Defender / Mac Protector have detected a trojan viruses and that the fake AV is ready to remove the malware from your computer.

Of course, there’s no trojan on your Mac OS X computer, but most of the users are tempted to click the “Remove All” button. Once you click it a package containing the¬†Mac Protector virus will be downloaded on your computer. Usually, the installation begins automatically once the package is downloaded.

Now you will be taken to a regular Mac OS X install wizard, so there’s still time to interrupt the malware infection. But we are pretty sure that in the near future the¬†Mac Protector virus will evolve and skip this step, finding new¬†vulnerabilities¬†of the Mac OS X, as now behaves just like the early fake AV malware for Windows.

Sometime during the installation process of Mac Protector virus, which will appear like an AV program, you will be asked to type in the username and the password for the installation to be completed. Like any program the Mac Protector virus requires your administrative permission in order to be able to install it.

Now an icon looking like a shield will appear in the menu bar, which will be the icon for the fake AV program, dubbed Mac Protector or Apple Security Center or Apple Web Security or Mac Defender or any other name that the malware may present.

Now¬†Mac Protector fake AV will automatically open and look like it’s loading some database files, looking like virus definitions. After the fake database loading process is completed, then notifications and pop-up boxes will appear on your Mac OS X computer’s screen warning you that your system was infected (of course, all the notifications read about fake viruses and infections).

Now,¬†Mac Protector virus will start to behave like the fake AV programs for windows, and once you click the “Cleanup” button, a notification screen will appear on your Mac OS X computer’s display, letting you now that the¬†Apple Security Center / Apple Web Security / Mac Defender / Mac Protector copy installed is not registered.

By clicking the “Register” button, you will be taken to a window where you will have to fill in with your credit card informations. Do not provide and submit any credit card informations in the window.

But if you decide to close the registration window you will then be asked to type in the serial number for Mac Protector to continue.

One more time, we recommend you not to fill in the form, as the card informations you provide might be used by thieves and scammers to steal money from your accounts.

Now, that you know how¬†Mac Protector fake AV program works, and how the malware is installed no your computer, let’s see how you can remove Mac Protector virus from your Mac OS X computer.

Before proceeding to uninstall Mac Protector virus from your Mac OS X computer, we recommend you to print the removal guide because at one point you will have to close all the windows in order to be able to remove Mac Protector virus.

  1. In order to remove¬†Mac Protector virus from your Mac OS X computer, you will first have to close all the opened windows. You can do that by either pressing in the same time the “Command” + “Q” buttons (which is keyboard shortcut) or by clicking the red orb located in the top left corner of the windows.

  2. Next you will have to browse to hard drive, then “Applications,” then click on the “Utilities” menu. Now locate and open “Activity Monitor.” Find the “MacProtector” process in the list and then click the “Quit Process” button.

  3. A pop-up window should appear, prompting you to confirm if you want to quit the process. Click the “Quit” button to close MacProtector process.

  4. Now go to the “Apple” menu, open it and select the “System Preferences” menu from the list.

  5. A window should appear on your Mac OS X computer’s screen. Select “Accounts” tab from there. Note that you can’t edit the account settings you will have to provide a password in order to get admin rights. To do that click the lock¬†in the lower left corner of the “Accounts” window, and type in the admin password.

  6. Now, you should be able to see a list of users in the left side of th window. Click to select your user, then go to the “Log In” tab. Locate and select MacProtector from the list. You should be able to see a minus (-) button located at the bottom of the Log In tab. Click it, then close the “System Preferences” window.

  7. Now return to the “Application” folder, then locate and delete the MacProtector application. To perform this action you have right click MacProtector and select move to trash. You can as well drag the app to the trash, or to your app zapper program.

Even though it’s not the most difficult thing in the world to remove¬†Mac Protector virus from your Mac OS X computer, you can easily prevent getting any malicious software, by following some simple rules. Let’s see what you have to do in order to keep malwares away from your Mac OS X computer.

How To Prevent Getting the Mac Protector Virus
  1. One of the best ways to prevent getting any malicious software on your Mac OS X computer, is to avoid visiting untrusted websites

  2. You should also not click the warnings that look suspicious.

  3. It’s recommended to turn off the automatically open files after download option in Safari web browser. In order to disable the setting, open Safari, open “Preferences” and click the box in front of the respective option to disable it.

  4. Use an anti-virus program to scan new downloaded files. Symantec Endpoint is a good such application, as it detects any malicious software right away.

Using the above tips is one of the best ways to avoid getting the Mac Protector virus on your Mac OS X computer. Anyway, feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments area below. Also you can tell us of about your experience with Mac OS X malware and as well share some tips to prevent getting viruses on Mac OS X.

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