How To Download Amazon AppStore Applications For Android From Outside The US


How To Download Amazon AppStore Applications For Android From Outside The US

Hi guys. You must know that the Amazon Appstore is a store for Android mobile applications and was opened recently. Until now, you can download up to 3,800 applications. You can download free applications and also paid applications. A very interesting option in Amazon AppStore is the free app a day feature, that allows you to take an app for free in the respectively day. For example, in the launch day, the Angry Birds Rio game was free.

But, the Amazon Appstore is only available for USA. In Canada, Mexico, or North America the Amazon AppStore is not available. If you are a guy from outside of US, and you try to download an app from Amazon AppStore, you will receive an error message that the Amazon AppStore is not available yet in your country. If you want to learn how to access and to how to download Amazon AppStore applications for Android from outside the US, read the following article.

Here are the main steps for How To Download Amazon AppStore Applications For Android From Outside The US:
  1. First, you must to create a new Amazon account. You must to select the following option: No, I am a new customer.]

  2. Then, you must to type your personal informations and complete the registration steps.

    • if you already have an Amazon account, navigate to Your Account section, and here you will be able to Add New Address.

  3. Now, you must to navigate here, to be able to generate a fake credit card number, an address and a phone number from USA.

  4. Next, you must to assign the US address to the This is your current 1 – Click default address.

  5. Finally, you must to Add a Credit or Debit card in your Amazon account. This step will setup the US-problem payment card with the fake credit card number from the step 3.

And that’s all. You will be able to download applications from Amazon AppStore, even if you are not from USA. It is a very easy method and it is 100% fully working. If you have any questions, don’t forget to share them in the comments area below.

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