How To Fix Android WiFi / Mobile Network Weak Signal Using Connection Checker


How To Fix Android WiFi / Mobile Network Weak Signal Using Connection Checker

It is very annoying when that WiFi or even that mobile network simply logs out because of the same reason it happens always the – Weak Reception. The part we personally hate and you will too is that it literally stops the internet browsing experience plus the annoying part you will discover too by the way it’s the draining of the battery energy and I did say drain, well to be fair I meant exhausted out the battery really bad stuff.

I believe you did try most of what the grand Android Market offers, so you probably know that the guys over there are still searching for some solve problem deal for this problem. Over here at SoftSailor we have to solve problem applications one for free another one paid that’s because is a pro app.

The Connection Checker 1.0.8 (Free version)

The problem solver is at Connection Checker, this is a really cleaver tool for the Android Market because it solves those two big problems we face because of that weak reception:

  1. It saves the reception

  2. Saves energy (battery)

One reason you will love the Connection Checker 1.0.8 is that it comes packing some efficient features:

  1. It’s a FREE Android tool.

  2. Very Easy to use.

  3. One very nice feature is that it really checks out the network status, yep after user-defined time interval and automatically toggles the WiFi or mobile network in the event of weak or no signals till a stable connection is established pretty nice feature how I mention above.

  4. What it basically dose is that each and every time the application simply checks the status of the network, it will create a log entry for your convenience and I believe is pretty neat that it give’s the users this ability.

  5. The users can read the said entries and check this out, they can manually check that network status from within the Log tab.

  6. Many cases of weak or non WiFi signal are solved because this app automatically disables WiFi for you to defined the time interval, after which it gets re enabled.

  7. The said value can now be accessed from the “Setting” WiFi re-enable time.

  8. Here is what we did enjoy about this app, in the bad case scenario the mobile network goes down, well here the is what the app dose in this case: it temporarily enables Airplane Mode, this allowing the refreshing of the network altogether.

  9. The Connection Checker simply runs what we like to call it “a background service” as per default settings, automatically starts on boot.

  10. If you choose the free version (Connection Checker 1.0.8) that we are promoting well you need to know that dos’t allow you to disable auto-launch on boot.

  11. If you decide to choose the pro version (paid) you need to know that along with the option to enable notifications and connection/read timeout along the said features.

We’ve enjoyed the both of these great apps so you will too. Thanks to the developer of this app.

This apps are now available for all the Android users in two mentioned versions:

Download Connection Checker 1.0.8 (FREE)

Download Connection Checker 1.0.9 (PAID)



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