How To Customize Your Folder Icons And Backgrounds In Windows 7 Explorer


How To Customize Your Folder Icons And Backgrounds In Windows 7 Explorer

Over the couple of years, we’ve¬†coveted¬†many Windows tweaks, but today we will teach you how to be able to¬†customize any folder, add or even change the¬†backgrounds,¬†folder icons¬†in that beloved Widows Explorer.

Choose a Picture to Show as a Background for the Folder Icon

In case you didn’t know yet, those default icons in the operating system Windows Explorer can be simply¬†customize¬†to have any¬†background image you please something¬†exactly¬†like the Desktop.

Let’s start¬†by¬†understanding what is the default background of any folder icon¬†composed¬†of:

  1. First of all the folder icons is a thumbnail preview.

  2. The images plays a big role in this because the folder icons are built from those images and icons of the applications or file types found in that folder.

In addition those elements above can be toyed with, they can be easily customize or even replaced too. How can you do this?

  1. Simply start by going to the folder you need to modify, right click on that folder and then select the “Proprieties” in order to be able to simply¬†change the icon background image to any desire you have.

  2. There is¬†a¬†shortcut¬†for¬†anything nowadays, meaning that there is one for this one too, please proceed on by selecting the targeted folder and then simply press “Alt” plus “Enter” on your keyboard, the¬†following¬†operation will open the “Proprieties” window of the selected folder.

  3. All¬†well¬†and¬†good¬†so¬†far, for this step you’ll need to go to the “Customize” tab and there you will find the “Folder” pictures section.

  4. In total¬†the whole process¬†is¬†very¬†easy, please¬†proceed¬†from here and start by clicking the “Choose File” button, followed by “Browse” button, now you’ll need to simply select any picture you want to use as a¬†background followed by the classic “OK” not once but twice.

  5. The final step will be to select the desired picture and then once¬†again¬†you will need to click “OK”¬†after¬†you do this you’ll be done.

By now the background image will be applied on the selected folder,  good job.

Change the Icon of your Folder

Another¬†thing¬†worth¬†suggested¬†by¬†us¬†would¬†be¬†to start¬†thinking¬†about changing the icon of the folder. Now you’ll need to start¬†switching¬†back to the¬†background image view, you must¬†turn back to the default folder icon. It’s¬†important to note¬†that, the followed selection will be able to show you simply how to be able to¬†customize¬†any of your folders. I’m assuming that you are interested in changing completely the icon.

  1. You can¬†start¬†from that same “customize” tab belonging to the¬†folder Properties window.

  2. To¬†fully¬†understand¬†where to¬†go next please go to the ” folder” icon section and simply click that “onChange” icon.

  3. Once there (in that Change Icon) proceed by selecting the new icon you wish to apply like as new.

  4. Start on clicking on the “Browse” button¬†and¬†after you will¬†be¬†needed¬†to navigate to the location of the image desired by you to replace that old one.

  5. It’s important to¬†remember¬†one thing: those icon file usually are stored as we all know it such as¬†standalone “.ico files” but you can also found inside “.exe,¬†.icl or¬†.dll files”.

  6. After selecting that new desired icon, please click once¬†again on the “OK”.

Good job once again, now the new icon is successfully applied to the selected folder.

Use a Background Picture for your Folder

If you want to¬†match your custom folder design from above, we’ve got another piece of¬†customization advice ahead. In that¬†additional¬†customization¬†of the¬†background picture for your folder picture that you can also change the way text is shown, this is¬†pretty¬†great for the matching of your background. The mentioned above operation can be done by using some numbers of free tools.¬†The most¬†friendly one that¬†we would¬†grant¬†it go’s by the name of¬†Windows 7 Folder Background Changer.

  1. The¬†Windows 7 Folder Background Changer was released by the WindowsClub, you’ll be able to¬†downloaded from here.¬†After¬†you¬†finish downloading the software on your PC please start to unzip it and then you’ll need to¬†run its main executable as admin.

  2. To run as admin please right click – run as administrator.

  3. Very Important: If you choose not to run it as a admin, then there is that big risk of the application to crash.

  4. So once that app is¬†finally open then you’ll need to select the folder¬†which you want to add a background image.

  5. The next step is¬†very¬†easy¬†because all you have to do is to click on that “Change Background Image”.

  6. Now you’ll need just one thing to finish this step : click on that “Change Background Image” plus selecting the image you desire.

Very important to know: please make sure to never forget to change the text color.

  1. To change the text color you’ll need to simply click on that box near the “Text Color” the great news is that this¬†awesome option comes fully packing some great contrast¬†which combined¬†with¬†the¬†colors¬†on the¬†background image do just well.

  2. The nicest feature ever is that you have the¬†possibility to select if you desire to give “Show Shadow Under Text” this is¬†pretty¬†good stuff.

  3. You can choose to “Apply To Sub Folders” to the¬†background image you have just chosen.

  4. Final step will be after all of the configurations are done to close the application make sure that all settings are applied.

Any Other Tips?

I am sure that many readers as we, are so very interested  in the subject of customizing the visual aspects of their operating system.

In case you do have any other tips or questions about further how to customize folders in Windows Explorer please share!

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