How To Use Google Webmasters Tool To Remove URL From Indexing


How To Use Google Webmasters Tool To Remove URL From Indexing

I bet there isn’t a person around here who hasn’t heard about Google and what they have to offer. This company is enormous and will offer things ranging from phone OS to search engines. If you are one of those persons who likes the IT department than you probably should know that in almost every aspect of your work you will meet Google products at some point.

Like for example let’s talk about Google Webmaster. For all of you who don’t know about it, this is one of the best tools on the market with which you can see various things about your personal site and how it is performing in Google related features. You will be able to see things like: search queries, backlinks and sitemaps with just the press of a link. There are also multiple other features that will prove very useful: site hack notifications, outdated software notification, content analysis, search statistics and even at one point how quickly your personal site loads. I think you can see the importance of all these things if you are a webmaster.

But for those of you who want things like Google not indexing in their search engines, the Google Webmasters tool has a solution. The procedure was a little tedious at the beginning and for some time now Google has presented another way to do this thing. They introduced a new option in which removing your links from Google index is very easy and can be made only in a few steps.

1st you would need to log in to your Google Webmaster account with whom you administrate the site. Now you will have to click the Site configuration in the left hand side menu and from there select the “Crawler access” link. Notice that on this page there is the “Remove URL” option! From there select and click the “New removal request” button. By doing so, you will start the procedure of removing the desired website from Google indexing.

This new URL removing tool will in fact permit you to remove your page from Google index and cache, but also remove the desired page from things like cache or even an entire directory. With this simplified version all the procedure of removing content that they don’t desired to be showed in Google has been made very simple. Using this removal request feature you will be able to remove any webpage from the website you own. Also the removal of things from Google cache is a great thing.

For those of you who don’t know about Google cache you should know that usually Google stores pages even a long time after people have removed them from the web. You can imagine why this is such a wonderful tool.

The one important thing you really need to know is that the removing of the URL is only temporary and will only last for 90 days. In this specific period, Google crawlers will be able to enter and exit your page but will not be able to display it in the search queries. If you desire a permanent removal of a specific page users will have to use 404 or 410 status. With this you will block the page to be crawled with the use of robots.txt or the noindex meta tag.

Another very important thing you need to know is the fact that you will not be able to use this tool if you are not the person in charge of that website. And after all I think you see why only the persons who own the site need to be able to remove their pages.

Overall I find the webmaster tool a must visit link and also for all of you page owners out there a must know to use tool. With all the things it can offer the information could provide to be vital in a market where the competition is very intense.   After all o don’t know a domain of activity where there is just one person or in our case only one website.

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