How to Connect an Android Phone / Tablet to a Mac


How to Connect an Android Phone / Tablet to a Mac

Connecting an Android device ( to be read as phone or tablet ) to a Mac is not as easy as it seems. Both wireless synching or USB variants cannot be done using simple actions because unlike its Windows relatives, a Mac cannot automatically detect a removable storage. We will bypass this little fault, so you can safely transfer files between your Xoom, Nexus or Galaxy S and the MAC OS X running desktop.

Although the main purpose of this guide is showing you how to connect an Android running phone / tablet to your MAC, we will also include a sync part. Using a simple application, named SyncMate, you can store your contacts, Safari bookmarks, folders, call history, text messages, pictures, videos and albums, on your favorite device. Most of these actions can be done on either ends, so a complete harmony between Apple and Google products can now be achieved.

How to connect an Android device to a Mac

In this part we will show you how to transfer files between Android and MAC OS X running devices. By default, the last one does not let you mount the storage/sd card, so this is what you need to do:

  1. Download the FileTransfer and save it on the desktop.

  2. Double-click the .dmg file and then drag the app into the applications folder.

  3. Using an USB cable, plug in the Android device.

  4. Open the FileTransfer application we recently installed.

  5. You should see the Android OS file system opened. Use this window to move the files you need.

Note: Step 4 must only be done on the first run. Afterwards, the Android window will automatically pop each time you plug in a supported device.

How to sync files between Android and Mac
  1. Download and install the SyncMate app on your Mac. You are also going to need the slimed client, for your Android device.

  2. Open SyncMate and then connect the Android beast. The connection can be done via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB.

  3. Select what you need to sync.

  4. Choose the syncing direction ( from Mac – > Android , reversed or both ways ).

  5. Click the Sync button.

Note: The above program is free, but has an Expert edition that lets you benefit more features. Here are the main differences between the two:

SyncMate allowed processes

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