How To Hide Google News Press Releases And Blog


How To Hide Google News Press Releases And Blog

This service is a news collector, is based entirely on computers, and was created by Google. The main plan was StoryRank, which was launched by Krishna Bharat in 2001 ( the primary Research Scientist of Google.

Google News was in beta stage until January 2006, and it’s setup to display news articles from various websites, no older than 30 days. So if you post an article, it will be visible to the public only 30 days from the moment you post it.

Google’s news service was launched in March 2002 in beta stage, but starting January 23, 2006, the service was 100% up and running. The collector supports 19 languages from 40 countries, but the team behind Google News is constantly struggling to bring additional features and better stability.

At this moment, the company offers the following languages: English, German, Arabic, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Dutch and others. The service managed to collect news from more than 25,000 sources until now.

Keep in mind that 4,500 English sites are providing news. On the front page, you will notice that the articles are not shown entirely, but only the first 200 characters are displayed with a ‘Read More’ option. There are some sites that also require subscription but will see this if it’s the case because it is shown in the description.

Now you have to pay attention because we will show you how to properly filter blogs and press releases which you receive from Google News, so that you’ll see only the news that you like. The interesting part is that Google has tweaked the settings that users can select preferences more easily Blogs and Press Releases.

Google News also offers the possibility to completely hide the categories, or set a different visibility so that you can receive news from sites only, and not from blogs. You can also add or remove news sources from the Google News main page.

Go to the ‘No news from’ box, type the source from where you want to receive the news, and a drop-down list will appear with the names. Now click on the one you want to remove and select Add button.

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