How To Post Anonymous With Google Chrome Extension Defaceable


How To Post Anonymous With Google Chrome Extension Defaceable

So many people are using these days Facebook. We noticed the increase this social site has started to have when people from TechCrunch and LA Times have started to post on it. At 1st the feedback they got was a mixed one. The system was great because they just managed to keep those nasty trolls away. Also you can imagine the frustration it created among trolls… But this is a happy day for them because apparently there is a way in which they can do what they do best: post uninteresting information without anyone ever knowing who or what they are.

This thing will be enabled with the help of a Chrome extension called Defaceable. This nice extension will let users to post as anonymous. With other words users will be able to post comments using a fruit as their only identification. We can tell you from the start that this plug-in work by stripping out the content from the site’s code.

In other words the Defaceable feature works by analyzing the HTML code and then extracting the comment IDs. This means that only the users using Defaceable will see comments from people using it. If you are among the other millions of people who don’t want to see all the garbage on pages simply don’t install it.

I find this to be very effective of this main feature of letting only some users see some things. This will mean that the rest of us who are interested only real related to subject comments will still be able to enjoy a nice browsing through user ideas. Keep in mind this plug-in works only under Google Chrome and sadly there isn’t any support for other browsers. But I have a feeling things will change in the future.

And who knows, if we are very lucky there will even be some plug-in that will sort the most useful comments and so making our all day long search resumed to a matter of minutes. But I think we are only dreaming…

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