How To Transfer Large Files Over The Internet


How To Transfer Large Files Over The Internet

Communication has become an important part of our every day to day life. It doesn’t matter if we are just socializing via social networks sites or we are sending mails one to another, we need to interact with other persons on a daily base. At some point you would want a close friend that is located in a far place to receive some information. Well you always have the option to send him an email with the desired files but what happens when those files are in fact very large. What happens when you desire to send an entire CD for example!

As I said earlier although many emails can be send with attachment there are some limitations when it comes to size. Like for example, services like Gmail and Yahoo have their limit at around 20mb while other services like Hotmail have it at 10mb. I think you can see the impossibility of sending an entire CD via this method.

Other methods would be to make your own online storage site. While this method is pretty good it applies only to people with a good knowledge over internet and internet programming. Another good option would be to make your own FTP server. Again this is a method in which some powerful knowledge of servers is needed. Happily for all of you there are also easier ways to resolve this dilemma and don’t waste much time in the process.

There is a new service called WeTransfer that allows you to attach several files with a total size of 2GB and send them after to another location. There are some great things offered by this website other than sending big sizes of information: no sign-up for example. Also there is the option to use any “from” address you wish and include even a small message to the recipient.

If WeTransfer is an application not on your like there are others that might help you. In my days of browsing over the internet I have found YouSendit which is a website that is long familiar to me and does the job pretty well. It is very similar to the previous one and as simple as it can be.

Also I would recommend having a look over WinDroplr, which allows you to quickly upload and create short URLs to share in email, Facebook or Twitter. This is another great tool but has it disadvantage in the fact that you will have to install it on your PC. You can imagine that if you are in a public place this can be a real problem sometimes.

I even remember there are some nice options offered by the people at but to be honest I didn’t have the time to play much with this last one. But, from what I’ve seen, I think it does its job pretty well.

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