How To Import And Use Custom Brushes In GIMP


How To Import And Use Custom Brushes In GIMP

Do not feel bad if you never heard of Gimp, as there are many PC users who haven’t. GNU Image Manipulation Program is a freeware raster graphic editor, and it’s primary use is as image editing and retouching tool.

Has been developed as an open source, and has been tailored to flawlessly work under most OS like Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Whenever you consider that retouching images jobs and completing image editing tasks are simply bellow your standards you can start by creating basic animated images in GIF formats. Using GIMP you can resize, edit, crop images and make photomontages by combining multiple images and in the same time allows you to convert between different image formats.

As i stated before GIMP has been specially developed as free topnotch graphics application to help users edit and create original images, graphic elements for web pages. This image editing software brings art in creating user interface elements.

Although in this article you are going to learn how to import brushes into GIMP, and like any other image editing programs you will be able to edit and manipulate images just the way you want, and in some point on the road you can create and import your own brushes.

What is a Brush in an imaging editing tool ?

A brush is a shape, image or pattern that you can use to create an image from the ground or handle another image. GIMP also allows you to import and use a custom brush, also there are numerous brushes which you can download from the Internet.

Here are three steps on how to Import brushes into GIMP
  1. Navigate to the folder were the brushes you need to import into GIMP are found. Select them and then press CTRL and C so you can Copy those files.

  2. At this point, you have to click on Start then select Computer and Open the Local Disk where your programs are installed. Go through your Program Files and select GIMP, choose Share and Open Brushes. Now Right Click and copy the brusher into that folder. Now close GIMP folder.

  3. Open and launch Gimp and create or open a new file. To seek the brush you have imported, click on the paint brush tool and click on Brush under the Paintbrush section.

If you feel the need to import some new or custom brushes into GNU Image Manipulation Program follow these steps for a swift importing process.

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