How To Create Animated Brushes On GIMP


How To Create Animated Brushes On GIMP

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a photo editing and graphics free program that brings forth a lot of features and tools usually found in very costly professional graphics apps. Using GIMP you will be able to create animated brushes which are also called pipes, also it has a wide variety painting tools that comes very handy in many purposes.

With GNU Image Manipulation Program comes very easy to retouch photos, edit images and create basic animated images in GIF formats. Combine multiple images and make photomontages, resize, crop and edit images and when required even convert between different image formats. GIMP has been developed as an open source application and works great for most operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linunx and Apple Mac OS X.

The brushes in GIMP use a single image that was created or imported by the user, as a result the image is repeated across the canvas where the brush is used.

Check The Instructions On How To Make Animated Brushes On GIMP
  1. Begin buy opening GIMP, select File from the menu and choose New. A dialog box will appear, set the document size exactly the same as the size you want for the brush, such as 50×50 pixels. Now at this point click on the Advanced Options and change the Fill With to Transparency, then click OK.

  2. You will need to create two more transparent layers, so go to Layers palette and click on the New Layers button twice.

  3. To make the drawing that you want to use as your brush, use any of the drawing tools including Patch and Brush. For example if you want to draw a flower, repeat this on the other two layers but use different color for each drawings separately.

  4. Go to the menu and select File then choose Save As. A dialog box will appear, change the file type to GIH. Then click Save, and another dialog appears.

  5. Since you have a 3 layer brush you have to set-up 3 in the Ranks, name the brush and in the end click OK. Now go to the Brushes palette and click on to Refresh button.

  6. The newly created brush will appear and is ready to be used.

Whenever you want to import brushes or need to create custom brushes in GNU Image Manipulation Program follow these steps for a quick animated brush creation.

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