How To Reorder Tabs In Google Chrome Using A Keyboard Shortcut Extension


How To Reorder Tabs In Google Chrome Using A Keyboard Shortcut Extension

The¬†”Keyboard Shortcuts to Reorder Tabs” makes part of a¬†no-frills Chrome extension and it has a no-nonsense name too by the way.¬†What it basically do is that it allows the Mac or Windows users to change the order of their tabs by simply holding the “ctrl” plus “shift” and with the help of the “page down” or the “page up” button ¬†you’ll handle that movement of the tab to the right and left as pleased.

The mentioned¬†extension has no icon or none¬†preferences pages, and is important to mention that it¬†doesn’t require you to do anything after installation for it to work. Let’s say you did¬†sync Chrome between some multiple computers, we can¬†guarantee that in this case (Windows or Mac) the extension will not work plus the fact that¬†it just won’t affect anything at all in Linux since the shortcut’s already built-in.

To be able to move the tabs with those shortcuts is no latest news for those Chrome browser for Linux users, but in case of the Mac or Windows users this can come as a new news because they never had the option until now.

Latest update on this matter: More than several readers are reporting that they have some trouble getting this to work.¬†That’s way we did tock matters in our hands and we did find out the solution for this problem.

Yep we did some test on this matter and we did find out something rally interesting, we’ve tested the¬†both beta and canary builds of Chrome and we strongly¬†believe¬†that the problem occurs¬†the cursor is in a text field (likely because of the text-related uses of Page Up and Page Down). So by this you will need to understand that the¬†cursor isn’t in a text field of some sort, the extension seems to work normally.

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