How To Install Paid iPhone Apps On Another iPhone Using iTunes


How To Install Paid iPhone Apps On Another iPhone Using iTunes

Hy guys. For all iPhone fans and especially for all iPhone users, I have good news. You already know that you can buy a lot of great apps from App Store. Of course there are free apps and paid apps. But how you can install your paid apps on multiple iPhones? Simply. You can put your paid apps on your iPhone and also on other iPhones. If you want to learn how to install the paid iPhone apps on multiple iPhones, read the following article.

Before start the process, you must have the following things on your computer:

  • iTunes;

  • an iTunes account.

Here are the steps for How To Install Paid iPhone Apps On Another iPhone Using iTunes:
  1. First, you must to open iTunes application from your computer.

  2. Then you must to Authorize your iTunes application to your account(don’t forget, you can authorize five separate computers). To authorize press the Store tab and then you must to select the Authorize Computer button.

  3. Next, you must to type your mail and your password for the iTunes account and then press the Authorize button.

  4. Now, you must to connect your iPhone to your computer, using the USB cable. After you have connect your iPhone you will be able to see it in iTunes.

  5. Next, you must to press right click on your iPhone from iTunes and then you must to select the Transfer Purchases button. Very important: if you will be prompted to update or to back up, don’t allow this.

  6. Now, you must wait until the Sync process is complete. The time of the transfer process depending on how much apps you want to copy.

  7. Finally, you must to disconnect your iPhone, but only after the transfer process is finished.

And that’s all. You must to connect again your iPhone to your computer and you must to navigate to Applications section, and here you will be able to see the copied applications. If you don’t want to keep all apps, select the desired applications and then you must to simply press the Sync button. If you have any questions, don’t forget, you can type them in the comments area below.

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