How To Protect Your PC Against Keyloggers / 4 Easy Ways


How To Protect Your PC Against Keyloggers / 4 Easy Ways

These days one of the most feared computer security exploits are the keyloggers. Why are the keyloggers so dangerous? They are pretty hard to detect and the damage done to infected PCs is often meant to extend beyond infected PC. Unlike a virus whose main objective is to ruin a hard drive, a computer or take some files, a keylogger is meant to take personal information like user names, passwords and credit card numbers and or other private e-banking informations.

Always protect your PC and do not allow becoming a identity theft victim, ensure a safer environment with less hassle, do not worry anymore about hijacked accounts anymore, just follow this article. Below you will find useful informations on how to protect your computer against annoying and keyloggers.

Note that there is not such a thing as perfect defense, but these ways dramatically improve your chances.

A Firewall Is Very Useful

In order to do any harm a keylogger has to transmit info to third party individuals, this means that it uses the internet to send out those information. To reveal a keylogger a close examination of your network usage is necessary, but for broadband connections the bandwidth taken up by recorded keystrokes is practically undetectable. Anyway you can count on this means to monitor those annoying keyloggers.

Our days there are some very effective firewalls, that will completely shutdown all inbound and outbound data, one of those in ZoneAlarm, Comodo and there are others also. A firewall is able to monitor your PC’s activity more effectively than you can ever do, so whenever a program is trying to send info or data out, the firewall program will issue a warning and ask for for permission.

It is very important to have a firewall installed on your computer as a last line of defense against keyloggers. The use of such security programs can not guarantee full protection but definitely will catch most threats.

Run A Password Program Manager

It is very useful to know how keyloggers work, knowing more info about these types of threats allows you to protect more efficiently in the future. Actually it is very simple, they are taking keystrokes and ship them out of your PC to a third party and most of the infected users will never know until their account or credit card is being taken over.

Although keyloggers are limited, as they can’t keylog what is not typed, and that’s why automatic filling form are becoming very useful. When you automatically fill in your passwords and user details there is now way that keyloggers can’t send those informations without any keystrokes. Those private informations will only be susceptible to those threats the first time you type it.

Now, all the major web browser have a feature that will store your password information for the first time you type it, if you do not already have this functionality it is recommended to install a free password manager as soon as possible.

Always Update Your Softwares and Apps

One of the most important proactive defense mean is to keep apps and software updated, just like other forms of malicious software, keyloggers are able to exploit software vulnerabilities, to inject themselves into your system, also malware websites would use such an exploit to install keyloggers on your computer.

It is very well known that exploits can be found all the time in softwares, even Mac OS X and Microsoft are constantly patched to close the backdoors that can be exploited by internet threats. Always update your system so you can take care of the critical exploits that can be easily avoided in this way. Try to keep all your softwares up to date as this is the easiest and sometimes most efficient proactive remedy capable of stopping most attacks even before they are launched.

Another Way Is To Frequently Change Your Passwords

I know that this measure sometimes is a big pain, as passwords can be easily forgotten, and if you have them noted somewhere else then there is no point in this security measure. But this measure ca offer an important level of protection, to keep you safe of any keylogger. Try to do everything wright and protect your passwords and credit card details.

These days users have to be extra cautious regarding their social networking activity as there are a lot of malicious exploits ready to hack Facebook or Twitter accounts and start posting or tweeting out links towards malicious sites and / or files. Try using extra caution, nobody is perfect not even malicious softwares.

In case that your passwords are stolen, and if you frequently change them the damage is practically eliminated or dramatically minimized. Even if a keylogger has sent out some info it is unlikely to be immediately used, unless it was targeted directly at you, so if the passwords are changed every two weeks stolen info are no longer useful.

Unfortunately there is no bulletproof protection against keyloggers, but these methods dramatically decreases the chances of infection, and increases your protection level, sealing backdoors and managing to keep information safe.

If there are other security precautions in your opinion please let us know, and in further articles will post your solutions.

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