How To Transfer Files Between Servers With FTP Rush


How To Transfer Files Between Servers With FTP Rush

The FTP Rush for most people this will not ring a bell but for those ho use servers this is not a unowned term, FTP Rush is a FTP client that comes peaking some very strong features:

  1. The built in scripts/commands.

  2. The assignment for custom mouse actions.

  3. The hole support for FXP and SFTP.

This isn’t the only one ho supports formats ho include TFTP and FTP, this FTP Rush is very similar to the FileZilla. But¬†regardless this version is more easy to handle and¬†configure¬†then the¬†former version. The mouse actions here are very easy to¬†assign.

The IT professionals will be pleased from the fact that FTP Rush can be used for it’s built in script and command designer to automate routine tasks. That FXP feature can be easily used for surfing a website between two FTP servers, without the need to download content to a hard drive. Yep the Filezilla also can provide the support for the comprehensive set of File Transfer Protocols, but the FTP Rush is much more dynamic and has more simplified configuration options which make it more useful for beginners.

If the connection seems like a problem, please don’t even worry because the FTP rush connecting is exactly just like any other FTP client, the login credentials of the FTP server will be required and after filling them up please just click “Connect” and is¬†disposable¬†for you¬†exactly¬†like the most common¬†FTP clients,¬†the connect button is a plug icon, located on the top toolbar of the main interface.

By right-click the context menu, this will enable you to :

  1. Queue.

  2. Delete.

  3. Rename.

  4. Transfer.

  5. Create file directories.

In the Display tab you can benefit from the following:

  1. The colors options.

  2. The layout options.

  3. The highlighting options.

The options above are within a range of it’s sub-tabs, whereas, the mouse actions tab is a handy resource for allocating mouse button actions for fast execution of tasks. The users can easily use the Confirm tab for enabling a number of confirmation prompts when the FTP rush is exited, when a window is closed or a file deletion is about to take place, before items are removed from queue and so on.

The FTP Rush can work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Start to download FTP Rush.

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