How To Improve Your Facebook Account’s Security Using Login Approvals


How To Improve Your Facebook Account’s Security Using Login Approvals

Did you hear about the problems that Sony faced between April 17th and 19th of April last month?

Bad luck is following Sony because the PSN was taken offline due to hacking as the attackers have stolen the users’ names, addresses, birthdays and possibly even credit card details, this meaning that this important info could be now in the hands of some bad people.

Sony did declare in the official press¬†release, that the fact did happen leading to some¬†Qriocity and¬†PSN accounts have indeed been compromised.¬†Here comes Sony’s “awesome” answer to the whole mess: “Keep an eye on your credit card statements”

Great Sony!

So if you desired to sign up for PSN, we strongly advise you to think over it. This situation that happened over at Sony made the subject of security high on everyone’s list of priorities these days. This phenomenon made Facebook thing about the solution and the funny part is they already did something about this very serious matter.

Facebook’s New Tool

Facebook is now bringing a new “weapon”¬†to the game, the new tool has the¬†purpose to block¬†unauthorized access to your account.

The tool uses two powerful elements:

  1. The two-factor authentication.

  2. The extra level of security over the basic settings of your account.

This new option basically sends a text SMS to a strict chosen mobile phone number each time some unauthorized computer tries to access into your account. There is one way to get in, if you are legitimate this meaning that the user will allow you to access, but if not then the user will just been alerted to a potential security breach.

If you¬†unfortunate did¬†lose your registered mobile phone then don’t worry, because you will be still able to¬†simply¬†change the settings¬†so long as you use a previously authenticated system. Go ahead and¬†turn on Facebook ‚ÄėLogin Approvals‚Äô feature under:

  1. Aces the¬†Account Settings ‚Äď Account Security.

  2. Prepare the mobile phone because you will receive the code via SMS.

  3. Very Important: The SMS code is important because you will require it to authenticate your computer.

More and more we see that¬†businesses and¬†individuals are turning to¬†Facebook because they want to¬†connect and¬†share with their friends or fans. This is why the “appetite” for security is¬†growing a lot. People need to take control over their¬†accounts.

To get the whole concept right, this latest “Login Approvals” is basically a¬†Two Factor Authentication system that will ask you for a¬†enter a code that was sent to your mobile phone via SMS¬†whenever you log into Facebook from a new or unrecognized computer.¬†Enter the code, save the device, and whenever you use it, you will be able to access your Facebook account without entering the code the next time you use that device.

Once again we all notice what can happen with your personal information in case they fall in the hands of some bad people. This is why we all need to be safe in this Internet war against information hackers. We strongly advise you to keep visiting us and update your self with the latest in safety tools. Be safe!

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