How To Protect Computer Via USB With WinLockr


How To Protect Computer Via USB With WinLockr

I can’t state enough how important security is and I am not talking only for money reasons. In today’s world you have to be careful where you store everything from a simple account to more important things like passwords and emails.

This is why I find apps like WinLockr very useful to have and to know how to handle. This is in fact a portable app that will provide extra security for your locked account. This will also disable things like mouse and keyboard and will let only the release key combination. The neat thing about this program is the easiness you can lock and unlock your system. This will be done by simply inserting a USB device in your machine.

I find this to provide additional safety for your locked system and also offering an extra layer of security. With this, others will be unable to access your system in your absence. The very interesting thing about this method of protection is that even if someone finds out your password they will be unable to access your computer if WinLockr is enable. Now that we talked about the program and what it does, let’s see how can we run it and what it has to offer?

1st download the program. After the installation is made (which is pretty forward so no need to explain it) run the program and wait for it to start. After the program starts simply plug a USB device in your computer and choose the “Install on USB” option. With other words this will make the device act like a locking mechanism for your PC. This will mean that when the USB is inserted things like mouse and keyboard will be disabled and cannot be used exception making the exactly password combination that unlocks your system.

There are some others great things about WinLockr. Like for example is nice to know this program will support prevention and therefore, prevents shutdown, restart, or log off actions when WinLockr is enabled. I think you realize the importance of a program preventing things like this to happen. Imagine that somebody would shut down your computer and you would have a session of a program started. With the computer not being able to save that session everything would be lost and you would have to start over again. Great app for Windows 7 which I encourage all to have it.

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