How To Fully Customize Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet


How To Fully Customize Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet

Android is the most powerful OS on the mobile device market having the strongest processor and providing a wide range of feature which made it to overcome Apple’s hegemony. But despite that, we must admit that Android’s look is not exactly the best.

Okay, the Android smartphones and tablets are very functional, but they are also as dry as dust. I too own an Android phone and let me tell you that when I first bought it I was very excited, however, after a few months I consider my Samsung Galaxy S to be very boring and I’m tired of the same dull appearance.

Fortunately, there is a possibility to change the looks of almost Android devices and that’s what this article is about. I will present you with a few trick that will help you get rid of the old view of your mobile and make it unique by changing aspects such as wallpapers, widgets, themes, fonts and others.

I think you all agree with me when I say that the standard look of the Android OS is rather tedious and even the most important phone producers realized that and they’ve tried to change that by releasing cellphones with a more customized appearance like Samsung’s TouchWiz or HTC Sense.

Nevertheless, these customization that were meant to be innovative brought a lot less changes than most customers expected. Luckily, there is another way to make your Android phone or tablet to look better and meet your needs. Due to the developer community, the customization can be highly extended.

You probably know that lots of various features are already populating the Internet (such as OS mods, themes, launchers), but the problems is that for most users who are not quite familiar with these kinds of tweaks, the features can be very confusing especially if in most times they come with a big lack of instructions concerning the installation. That’s why I will give a few tips on how to make Android non-ugly, process which is not hard at all if you pay attention to the details.

Normally, these tweaks should work on all standard Android phones and tablets, as well as on the custom versions. Still, if you own an old Android version or custom ROM, some changes or applications might not function properly. There are certain themes which are designed for peculiar cellphones or ROMs, and that why it can be better get a little familiarized with these so called ROMs for Android.

Moreover, it’s necessary for your device to be rooted in order to customize it with the most sophisticated changes. If your device features a custom ROM, then it is definitely already rooted. But if you have a regular Android device you’ll have to root it yourself by accessing the existing tutorials (if you don’t know how).

To be more specific, it’s most likely that all you need for your phone is a simple custom ROM as they already bring all the necessary modifications to make the operating system prettier than even. If you search the Internet, you will find tons of Android ROMs which can be installed on any phone or tablet (there are dozens of ROMs suitable for each phone).

There is a big chance that you find a particular one that you like, thus you won’t have to perform any further modifications to your device.

The advantage of using a custom ROM is that you will be able to make your Android device unique in every aspect as a custom ROM includes a different look in most cases, and having unique widgets and other applications. Just use one and you will see that your phone or tablet will have an entirely different look, a better one.

There are several places where you can find Android ROMs such as the dedicated websites. Various choices are available but the most comprehensive one is the XDA-Developers Forum where you can find lost of Android ROMs, but also for other operating systems such as Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7.

All you have to do is type the name of you device into the search box, and after you press Enter select the development section, and there you go…all the ROMs suitable for your phone or tablet will be displayed.

However, you must think twice before you decide to apply one of those ROMs because even if I said that it’s an easy process, the instructions presented there are meant especially for advanced users in most cases. Now, it’s up to you if you want to perform the change or not (if it’s not the first time when you perform this kind of tweaking, you won’t encounter any problems).

I know this might sound silly, but the other way that you can Android ROM’s is though Google Search. Actually, you can get some great results using just Google. All you have to do is type the name of you device accompanied by the “ROM” appellation. As I said before, take great caution before installing the ROM because it can be pretty risky if you don’t fully understand the process.

Now, I’ll take the liberty of recommending two Android ROMs which you can apply for if you find them interesting. They have the advantage of being available for multiple devices even though they are quite different.

The first one is MIUI which is one of the most “good-looking” ROM on the market and it comes with the benefit of no need for further customization as it’s already full of cool features. MIUI is actually a blend consisting of the great functionality specific to Android OS and the appearance similar to iOS, giving you the feel of using both OSs at once.

The second ROM is called Cyanogen and is very different from MIUI because it has only a few minor modifications, its look not being far from the standard one. What make it so special is the fact that it has support for customization and that’s why is one of the most used Android ROM and another benefit is that it works on lost of cellphones as well as on tablets.

There are many ROM’s which you can choose from, but once again…be careful when you install them. Every ROM has its particular installation process so, it’s really hard to tell you how you can do it. One method can be to use a custom recovery, but this is just one technique.

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