How To Copy / Backup Data Between iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch


How To Copy / Backup Data Between iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Anyone that has tried backing up files and data between iOS devices using iTunes which can do a great job by the way, but the backups are encrypted and the saves are inaccessible for a complete system restoring.

What happens if you need to copy and back up saved games to a new iDevice? It is pretty easy, just follows this article as it holds useful information on how to Copy or Backup data and files between iOS devices.

If you want to totally back up your iOS device, iTunes is able to do a pretty good job, in case you lose your iDevice or it is destroyed or stolen you will have those backups as a restoring point, but iTunes is not always effective when comes to restoring 3rd party data backups, not to mention that when it comes selective back up and restore iTunes isn’t able to rise to the standard.

What happens when you spend a lot of you time updating and customizing third party apps, or when you need to make sure that your personal fun applications are secure, don’t worry as we will learn you how.

These are the minimal requirements:A Windows computer or an Apple Mac with iPhone Explorer installed, an iDevice like iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad that needs backup data from and sync cable between your iOS device and your Apple Mac or PC.

In case that you want to selectively backup apps like email applications and social networking apps etc it requires a jailbroken mobile device so you can have a safe root access to the system directories.

Firstly you have to entirely backup your iOS device before initiating the process. This is a safety measure which is not necessary but is for just any case, even though we have not experienced any problems backing up and restoring data apps using this method that we are about to present, anyway it never hurts to have a full back at hand.

As soon as you have completed your backup download install free iPhone Explorer, as it is available for both Apple Mac’s and Windows PC. With this little free app users will be able to browse your iOS system files easily. If you want to browse in the root directories you will have to jailbreak your iDevice.

Tether your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad to the PC using the sync cable after installing the iPhone Explorer. Do not let iTunes take control of the device, so if it is automatically mounted simply dismount it but keep it plugged in, otherwise iPhone Explorer will prompt errors telling that the iDevice is not accessible.

After iPhone Explorer is opened you should see a default screen, click on the Applications entry and expand the tree, there is the data folder of any third party app from your mobile. Scroll down and located the data folder. As soon as you find the directory for the game or application you are interested in backing up, simply drag and drop the folder or the folder’s content from iPhone Explorer to a folder on your Apple Mac or Windows computer.

After the file transfer is done you will have a complete back up of your application or game in your PC or Apple Mac. Our recommendation goes by starting to copy the entire directory. While the files are backed up on your computer then you can decide what you can do with them, to archive them or to copy them into other iOS device. So all you have to do is drag and drop the backup file from your PC to the iDevice.

No matter that you want to transfer your Angry Birds high scores and level expansions between devices or simply clone all your Pulse customizations between your iPads. With this technique you can enter into your iOS without iTunes being able to restore single applications data.

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