How To Make Use Of Dropbox On iPhone, iPad, And iPod Touch


How To Make Use Of Dropbox On iPhone, iPad, And iPod Touch

This article is going to learn you how to use Dropbox for iPhone and iPod Touch so you can sync and share data and files with your PC or other computers and other handsets. Now take a peek on how to add Dropbox to your iDevice, so if you have an iPhone or an iPod Trouch and want to have access to important files from Dropbox.

Download and install the free Dropbox application as it is free, very simple to use, will do a great job in helping you keep your data and files organized while you are on the go. DropBox is must and will make your life much easier, especially when you ca not access your PC.

Use iTune to Download and Install Dropbox tool

There are several ways on how you can get your Dropbox application, simply navigate to iTunes Apple Store and download it, or go to Dropbox site, or go to Dropbox iTunes preview site and click View in iTunes.

No matter the why you choose to download this application, as soon as downloaded you will find Dropbox in iTunes under Apps. Go to the Apps tab and check Sync applications, then drag Dropkbox on to your Home Screen and put it wherever is more comfortable for you to keep it.

After your Dropbox is placed where is better suited for you click Apply and the lower right-hand corner of iTunes, and once the sync is finished you can disconnect your iDevice and begin utilizing Dropbox.

Download and install from the Device

Also you can download this application using your iDevice from the App Store, which is much easier for anyone, all that you need is to search for Dropbox in the App Store and click download button, as soon as the download process is done, run the program directly to your iPod or iPhone.

Start Using Dropbox On Your iDevice

Click the Dropbox icon from your Home Screen and begin using this app, now you will be prompted to the Dropbox login screen and if you are a new user set up an account, and if you are a returning users simply login.

Login into your Dropbox account and start organizing your files and data. Check out the Welcome Dropbox overview for the iDevice. Now tap on My Dropbox and you will be able to check all the folders and files that is contains. Whenever you want you can check out your files, the the program’s settings you will be able to change the Photo quality settings, request applications help, send feedback and even watch a video about Dropbox.

If this is the first time you are using Dropbox, first check the intro video and see how this application works. Also if you need more specific info on how you can complete different tasks there’s also a very useful Dropbox Help section.

Share Files Straight From Your Dropbox

Share files you have in your Dropbox folders, if you want to share a picture by sending a link to it via email, click the link icon in the lower left corner and then select Email Link, or copy the link or image to the clipboard.

Your application email will be prompted and you can add a message and send off the link to the Dropbox file to your contacts, the other person will receive the message with the link and will be able to see the file in their default browser.

Your Apple Handset Is Able To Save Dropbox Files

Your iPhone or iPod Touch is able to save the files you are viewing in your Dropbox account, to accomplish this tasks click on to the arrow icon on the right corner of the screen, and tap on Save Photo to save it to your photo library.

Add Files and Data From Your iPhone and iPod Touch to Dropbox

The thing that makes Dropbox very popular is the ability to access your important files from multiple devices and more importantly you can do that from anywhere. As you already know that to access your info from anywhere and with any device you have to add the files from your computer to Dropbox so you can have it available on your iDevice, but what if you need to add files or data from your handset or iPod to Dropbox, that could be possible? It is very easy to add files from your iDevice to Dropbox.

To manage your file transfers go to a folder in Dropbox and click on the plus icon at the top right of the screen, at this point a screen will appear asking if you what would you like to upload, and tap on Existing Video or Photos.

Let’s say that you want to add a picture, so it will be added to the folder you want in Dropbox, and now this picture is available on all PCs and mobile devices that you have Dropbox installed on. Add whatever file or data and access them on your iPod Touch or on your computer at home. This free Dropbox application adds Mobile Photo to the file name which comes in handy when you want to know where the files are coming from.

To sum it up, if you need to access some important files on your Apple device and on your PCs, this application is able to have the job done. It’s got a very easy to use UI, it is a freeware and very simple to install. This article has covered some bases of the Dropbox app from your Apple Device. Once we discover new and useful tricks we will instantly share them with you, along with how to use on Android device as well. So keep a close eye on our future articles.

If you are using the Dropbox application on your iDevice like iPhone or iPod Touch feel free to leave us a comment. Also if you are using Dropbox app on your computers or mobile devices either way leave us a comment and tell us your opinion about this program.

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