How To Clean Android History Files With History Eraser Pro


How To Clean Android History Files With History Eraser Pro

You probably didn’t hear about History Eraser Pro and this is why I think it’s time you do. This is in fact for any Android owner what programs like CCleaner is for Windows. This app will let you select or even erase the history of many Android Apps including the in system apps, Google apps, Clipboard, frequently used programs etc. I advise you to read on in order to discover what this amazing program can do for your device.

You probably use your device on a daily base installing and uninstalling a lot of things. SO you can imagine that the history cache is pretty busy into adding new things every day. Also keep in mind that most apps have their commonly used files stored in their cache. This happens because this is the place where they can access the information quick and easily. In normal circumstances there would be no need to delete these things but there will be some cases when this would be a must do.

This is where History Eraser Pro comes into the scene. Although there are numerous programs that do this available on the internet this one I find very useful especially for all the key features that I will point in the next paragraph.

1st of all, notice that the application has two tabs. The 1st one is for cache while the 2nd will display the history. A nice thing that I find very useful is the fact it includes the Frequently Called list and also the Clipboard. While the Frequently Called list isn’t such a big picture the Clipboard is very useful. Imagine that you have paste to someone your credit number. You can now see how this could prove to be a problem if someone else would be able to get this.

Now let’s speak a little about the cache cleaning ability. Most of the programs out there will allow you to clean the app cache there is a nice difference that this one offers to its users. History Eraser Pro simply removes the cache for all installed apps in your device.

This being said I let you to judge the entire potential of this app over others on the web. All I can tell you is that it’s entirely up to you what apps do you use but I find this to be the best free one on the Android Market so far. Here is the link to download the app: Download History Eraser Pro

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