How To Use Your iPod Touch And iPhone To Scan Documents


How To Use Your iPod Touch And iPhone To Scan Documents

Days when scanning a document required a big and ugly device that stood connected to your PC are long gone. Now with a simple application you can transform your iDevice into an easy to use document scanner.

A modern scanner connected to a desktop PC or to an laptop can be a bit to much when you are on the road, even portable scanners are too big and pretty much outdated, but if you own a iPod Touch or a iPhone that has a camera all that is needed to quickly and easily scan documents or receipts is Genius Scan application.

Genius Scan app For iOS

Download and install this app from the App store on your iPhone, iPod Touch or using iTunes. Genius Scan is a free application which can be downloaded easily and quickly from the App Store. Soon after the installation process is done, you will be brought to your library so you can begin scanning documents. Although Genius Scan is a free app it is ad supported with small banner at the bottom of the screen, a small price to pay for this excellent tool.

Transform Your iPhone Into A Portable Scanner

When you are on the road or in the comfort of you home, Genius Scan comes very handy on your iDevice, so once you are on the documents screen make the proper selection and then focus on what you have to scan and then tap the camera button.

There are a lot of options that for instance allows you to crop a specific area of the document, or you can process the doc from black and white to nothing or to color. When you are done with some scanned document you have two options, to email it or to save it on your device. In case you don’t have a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection it is best to save them on your handset.

From Camera Roll you will be able to swiftly move the scanned docs from your iOS device to your Windows PC or Apple Mac, or if you have an Internet connection simply email them. Now it’s getting so easy to scan documents with your iPhone or iPod Touch and genius scan, simply take a shot of the document you need, edit it and in the end send it on its way. Simple enough, isn’t it ?

We can confirm that it cannot get simpler than that. Note that to use this tool you will be needing an iPhone or iPod Touch 4 with iOS 4 or better and camera. Use this flawless combination between your iOS Device and Genius Scan app and whenever you need to scan your receipt or other document use it.

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