How To Unlock Samsung Infuse 4G I997


How To Unlock Samsung Infuse 4G I997

Samsung Infuse 4G I997 is a device coming from the Korean smartphones manufacturer that shares the same amazing Super AMOLED Plus display technology with Samsung Galaxy S II. Coming with a display of 4.5-inches, Samsung Infuse 4G I997 is a handsome devices. But the design is not the only strength of Samsung Infuse 4G I997, as the device comes with a 1.2 GHz processor, but, unfortunately, is not part of the dual-core CPU family, but this is not a major issue. Samsung Infuse 4G I997 seems to squeeze everything from the Android 2.2 Froyo, which with the help of the Hummingbird chipset, makes the device run quite fast.

If you own a Samsung Infuse 4G I997 and you want to unlock your device in order to free the network, we have the solution for you. Now you can easily unlock your Samsung Infuse 4G I997 using the services of a specialized website. But before proceeding to unlock Samsung Infuse 4G I997, learn that you will have to receive an unlock code which will be provided to you at charge. You should also know that once you unlock Samsung Infuse 4G I997 using the following tutorial, the unlock will be permanent, so you can change your ROM of update firmware anytime, without locking your device back to the network carrier.

By following the tutorial of how to unlock¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997, you will be able to get rid of the annoying¬†‚ÄúNetwork locked‚ÄĚ, ¬†‚ÄúNo simcard allowed,” or¬†‚ÄúSim network unlock PIN‚ÄĚ error messages. But note that your network carrier will not be very happy about you¬†unlocking¬†your¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997, so the warranty might get void. Also note that the¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997 unlock method bellow is risks free, and will not brick your device. In the guide bellow you will find all the informations needed to unlock¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997. If you want to get your¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997 unlocked make sure that you haven’t tried a faulty code before as this method won’t work anymore for your device. As well check if your¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997 is locked on one of the following carriers: Cingular, AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Vodafone, Orange or Tmobile.

Let’s see the steps you need to follow in order to be able to get the¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997 unlock code:

  1. As we mentioned above, the Samsung Infuse 4G I997 unlock code is provided by a specialized. Go the the website by clicking here;

  2. Select the Samsung Infuse 4G I997 model from the drop-down list, then select the network carrier that your Samsung Infuse 4G I997 is locked to;

  3. Then provide your¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997 IMEI code to the field that reads “IMEI” by typing it. In order to get your IMEI code type “*#06#” on your Samsung Infuse 4G I997 dial pad¬†or you can find it beneath the battery;

  4. The IMEI code is usually 15 to 17 digits long. Type in only the first 15 digits of the Samsung Infuse 4G I997 IMEI code;

  5. Click the “Look for Code!” button and then fill in the form with your contact informations and provide an email address;

  6. Double-check the personal informations you provided. After the payment is received and the order is processed you will receive an email containing the Samsung Infuse 4G I997 and detailed informations of how to unlock it.

Now that you have a valid unlock code for¬†Samsung Infuse 4G I997, follow the instructions below in order to complete the unlocking process and free your device’s network:

  1. Insert a non accepted SIM in your Samsung Infuse 4G I997

  2. The unlock menu should appear on the display of your Samsung Infuse 4G I997

  3. Now go to the email that containing the Samsung Infuse 4G I997 unlock code (NCK code) and type it in using the dialing pad

  4. Congratulations, you successfully unlocked your Samsung Infuse 4G I997!

Although this tutorial is not about a free Samsung Infuse 4G I997 unlock, the method is very easy to follow even if you are not into smartphones thing. Another advantage of this method is that you can unlock Samsung Infuse 4G I997 from the comfort of your home. Anyway feel free to share your opinions about Samsung Infuse 4G I997 in the comments area below.

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