How To Download Google Engine Files


How To Download Google Engine Files

Here at SoftSailor will always going to give Google and all that he has to offer a big thumb up. Now let’s see how we can download the Google App Engine (GAE) which is an Amazon Web Services like platform. This platform will let you host and at the same time run numerous web applications.

We can tell you from the start that if you want this platform there will be more than 200,000 apps which over 1.5 billion people view on a daily base. For example there is even a Royal Weeding viewing app for you to acquire (although the weeding passed that doesn’t mean you can’t have a rerun).

If you watched the Google IO event you probably caught the moment where Google introduced App Engine 1.5.0. This, among other great enhancements will let project owners to download the source code of application that were previously installed on the Google App Engine. Now you are probably wondering why this is such a good news? Well let us tell you that if by some mean you lost the local copy of your application’s source code (because of a hard disk crash or even because the developer had left the company) before now you would need to rewrite that entire application from scratch. This would also happen even for making some minor changes.

Now let’s see the steps you would need to make in order to download the code. This is the way to download the source code for any of your App Engine apps with the usage of the command line tool:

  1. 1st you would need to create a new directory in order to store the downloaded files. This happens because the App Engine runtime requires that the directory needs to be empty before you will be able to download any file in it.

  2. Now switch to the directory where the App Engine is installed in your computer. By default you will be able to locate it in: “C:Program FilesGooglegoogle_appengine”

  3. This is the step where you will need to execute the following command in order to download the project. You must be sure you remember to replace MyAppName with the ID of your own App Engine project. This must be introduced: “ download_app –A MyAppName -V 1 c:AppEngineSourceCode”

If they will ask for your Google Account credentials give them and the download will automatically start. I think it’s obvious that you will be able only to download the source code. I also provided for you a screenshot that will demonstrate the download process. Although the quality isn’t great you will be able to see what I am talking about here.

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