How to Remove Ads from Facebook on Google Chrome


How to Remove Ads from Facebook on Google Chrome

I would like to know a thing: who among you doesn’t have a Facebook account? And I would also like to know another thing: who among you aren’t tired to see so many ads on their Facebook page?

You can do many things on Facebook from talking to your friends to taking care of a farm. There are numerous fan pages to visit. Overall Facebook offers a lot of features but also can provide some things you would declare unpleasant. A nice thing is the fact that for Chrome users the add problem will be solved with a couple of clicks. We are talking about Facebook Clear which is an extension that will remove the undesired ads. Also it will make the image thumbnails more attractive giving the picture viewer a much more needed facelift while making navigation easier.

I can tell you that the extension completely wipes the right panel of Facebook pages. But the downfall to this is the fact you won’t be able to see who poked you on the home page or in events invitations. But there will still be a place for having and seeing the notification area and this happens because that was the area where you log in. With other words this extension will give you life without suggestions from Facebook.

Let’s just say that in addition to making you page look cleaner this extension will also fix the navigation bar which is located to the top of the browser. This means with other words you won’t need to scroll to the top in order to see the notifications message. And that is happening because with the ads blocked Facebook will also load quicker. Will also improve the photo quality that all users say needs a boost. Also there will be a slight transparent effect to a black backdrop in the picture viewer. Also all the image thumbnails will have a more iPhone icon. Here is the link where you will Install Facebook Clear For Chrome

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