How To Restore Your iPod Touch / iPhone When Something Goes Wrong


How To Restore Your iPod Touch / iPhone When Something Goes Wrong

This article contains useful info on how to restore your iPhone or iPod Touch so it can properly work if something goes wrong while updating or adding music & apps or if it becomes unstable. If you want to make it work once again follow the steps you see below.

Reset Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Restart your handset if the apps or music are not properly working, for example when we showed how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch it is needed to Reset the iDevice so it can properly work.

Go to Settings > General > Reset and reset your iDevice and then tap on Reset All Settings. A window with an Warning will appear asking if you are sure you want to Reset. Tap Reset All Settings and your device will restart, without losing any of your data or media doing a Reset.

When you would like to use online apps, after the Restart you gonna have to reconnect to a Wi-Fi connection.

Restore To iDevice’s Factory Default

Usually a simple reset is all that it needs in order to get things into the wright direction. Sometimes a complete Restore is however needed, make sure that you backup all the files on your handset as when restoring it will set it back to the factory Defaults and completely erase all of your info and data.

Now at this point you have to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC and launch iTunes, by the way make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes, and then select your iDevice from the Source Panel.

In case you want to back up your iDevice right-click on it and check Back Up, under the Summary tab in the Version box you will find the Restore button, click on it. Instantly you will receive a message which will ask you if you want to Restore your iPod Touch or iPhone to factory settings. All the data will be lost and this is why it is necessary to make the back up, otherwise you will lose all the items you have purchased from the iTunes Store.

The restoring process has started, and during the process a dong noises will be heard during the process. After the Restoring process has ended a Set Up Your iPod / iPhone screen is prompted where you are asked to Restore from a backup or to set it up as a new iPod. Try to restore from the backup, and if that doesn’t help your iDevice to get stable again, try set it up as a new iPod or iPhone.

After it has been restored you will get a message to leave it connected while is restarting. In case some apps are missing, users cam fix this by manually get back and then check Sync Apps.

Sometimes all it takes to manage small issues in the devices is to start troubleshooting with a simple rest of your iDevice, but for a complete restore, back up everything that is important before initiating the whole process.

We will be providing you with more useful information in the near future that should be very helpful when trying to troubleshooting your Apple iDevice that in some way experiences instability issues. In case you experience bigger problems with your iPhone or iPod head over to your nearest Apple dealer and they will be able to address the problem that you have.

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