How To Fix iTunes 3194 Error When Restoring iPhone To Stock iOS 4.3.3


How To Fix iTunes 3194 Error When Restoring iPhone To Stock iOS 4.3.3

Yesterday we told you that Apple have become the world’s most valuable brand, now being above companies like Google, Coca Cola, McDonalds or IMB. As you probably know Apple Inc is famous for their line of Macintosh PCs and over the last few years they’ve attacked the market of smartphones and gadgets with handsets like iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad, which were sold in million of copies.

Less than a week ago Apple have launched a new firmware update for devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and million of users have been able to upgrade their devices to the latest OS from Apple. But some of the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users have complained about encountering issues while they tried to restore their devices to stock or when they tried to updated them to iOS 4.3.3 firmware. If this trouble seems familiar to you, then learn that it happened just the same when Apple have released iOS 4.3.2 firmware, too.

Some of our readers complained about this issue, too when they tried to install stock firmware or when they tried to update their iPhones to iOS 4.3.3, so we made a little research and came up with a solution to their problem. If you are getting the “Error 3194″ message while you try to update your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to iOS 4.3.3, the we are pretty sure that it’s because you changed the system’s host file. You probably did this to be able to downgrade your device’s firmware, or I-don’t-know what reasons. It seems that the “Error 3194″ issue occurs because of a Cydia bug, which Saurik promises to fix soon.

But if don’t want to wait any longer, you can fix the “Error 3194″ message yourself, then you will be able to update your device to iOS 4.3.3 or even restore it to stock firmware.

In order to fix the iTunes error message that reads “Error 3194″ to be able to restore your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to stock or update your device to iOS 4.3.3 you have to manually remove the Cydia caching server line from the host file in your system, or you can use TinyUmbrella software. If you go for the second method, here’s what you have to do in order to fix the iTunes “Error 3194″ message:

  1. First you will have to download TinyUmbrella software. You can find the latest versions for Windows or Mac here and here, respectively.

  2. After the download finishes, install TinyUmbrella on your computer then open the same

  3. In the TinyUmbrella window go to “Advanced” tab option, then make sure you uncheck “Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit” option, by clicking the box in front of it

  4. Confirm your changes, by clicking the “Apply Changes” button, then restart your computer.

It’s that easy! Now the iTunes “Error 3194″ should not appear anymore and so you will be able to upgrade your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to iOS 4.3.3 and even restore it to the stock firmware.

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