How to Remove Fans From a Facebook Page


How to Remove Fans From a Facebook Page

In a previous post we talked about some bugs spreading over Facebook. Now let’s see how we can remove other “bugs” we don’t like. For example how can you remove undesired fans? As far as many already know Facebook has the option to create some pages in which you can advertise, promote and even raise the quality of your business. And in fact this can be done not only for big businesses but also objects and so on.

Well when someone adds to your personal profile he becomes a friend. Someone who adds himself with a like to your “Business” page becomes a fan. But how can you delete those undesired fans?

1st let’s be sure you understand the difference between friends and fans. Basically at some point these two terms are exactly the same when it comes to Facebook. But there are some differences that need to be understood. When someone adds you as a friend on Facebook you have to accept that friend invitation. This happens both ways when you send a friend request. But anyone can click on the “Like” button and so becoming a fan. This doesn’t require any approval from the other person what so ever.

Now that the differences were explained let’s see how we can delete fans. At 1st Facebook introduced the “Like” feature back in early 2009 and at that point there wasn’t any option for someone to delete a fan. With other words, users can only unlike a page but the “owner” couldn’t do anything about it. Well starting with May 2011 things have changed and now it’s very easy to delete a fan from your Facebook page. You need just to click on the word Fan and there will be an “x” sign next to the user’s name. And guess what that button does!

Now let’s discuss a little about Page-Profile Connection. There is the option to control your personal Facebook page from your personal account but that doesn’t that page is connected directly only with that account. In some ways this is a very useful thing because other people can locate you with only a search. But what happens with the users who you didn’t accept as friends? And even in the worst case scenario what happens to the users you have blocked? They are free to like your page and so become fans.

There are numerous reasons for why to want to delete a fan. For example think of a fan that is posting frequently on your wall. He even tags your page and then uses your tag in a not so friendly purpose. Also your page could appear to some persons you don’t want it to do like for example former lover, associate or even the competition. You see now how this can become a problem for some people.

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