How To Remove Windows Defender In Windows 7 And Vista


How To Remove Windows Defender In Windows 7 And Vista

What happens if you, for some reason want to uninstall Windows Defender? As you probably noticed this app isn’t located in the Control Panel menu so removing it could prove to be a little tricky.

The 1st time Windows Defender appeared was in the Vista product and it was continued in Windows 7. For those of you who don’t have any idea about the program let me tell you this is a real-time antivirus program that runs in the back and is continuously monitoring your system and checks for malware in every file you download.  A quick info would be that although some people state that Windows Defender is an anti-spyware program and not an antivirus one. Well let me tell you that at some point there was a difference but these days… Well these days is almost the same because any program that is trying to secure your computer is doing both of the protections.

Another thing that you must be aware is that before removing Windows Defender you must be sure you have another real-time antivirus program in your computer. I would recommend Avast for those who are looking for a free solution and from those who required a payment anyone would do just fine. Also after you have one of those installed the Windows Defender app becomes pretty useless.

And when we say we are going to uninstall Windows Defender we don’t mean to completely remove it because this action is impossible in Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can just turn it off. To do so, go and click “Start” and there simply type defender. Now Windows Defender should appear! Click on the Tools icon and then on the Options link.

The next step is a little problematic because in every version of windows (Vista or Windows 7) the process is a little different. Like for example in Vista you would have to Uncheck Automatically scan my computer (recommended) and then scroll down and uncheck real-time protection. Click the Save button.

And for those who have their newest Microsoft OS, Windows 7 this is the way to do things. Click on the Automatic scanning in left panel. From there uncheck Automatically scan my computer (recommended). Now click on the Real-time protection in the left pane and then uncheck Use real-time protection (recommended). Click the Save button.

And that’s all. Pretty easy to disable Windows Defender in both Vista and Windows 7! But I repeat, don’t let your computers unprotected because there are many attacks happening and you wouldn’t like to happen to you, would you?

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