How To Upload Mobile Photos To Facebook


How To Upload Mobile Photos To Facebook

All new generation mobile phones comes equipped with a digital camera allowing you to catch on camera all your life’s special moments, once that pics are taken you might want to share them with your friends on Facebook.

If you have a smartphone, you can upload photos using the Facebook mobile app, but if you have a regular cell phone and you can not enjoy the use of Facebook mobile app an alternative method is to upload photos to Facebook via an email client.

How To Upload Photos Taken With Your Mobile To Facebook:

If you decide to upload photos using this way, you gonna have to log into your Facebook account and manage for a personalized upload email address.

  1. Navigate to, from your PC web browser and sign in to your Facebook account by entering your username and password.

  2. Click on to send My Upload Email to Me Now and contextual menu will open showing the email you have registered with.

  3. After that click on to the email address drop-down menu and enter the proper email address assigned to your mobile or select a previously registered email address, then click the Send Email button.

  4. Now check the email client on your mobile phone and check the inbox for an email from Facebook. Soon after open the email and copy the uploaded picture email from the body of the message.

  5. Make a new email message in your cellphone’s email client and now attach the photo that you want and upload it to Facebook.

  6. Enter details about the photos into the email Subject field as Facebook will utilize details like this to caption your photo.

  7. Into the email address field type the upload email address that have copied at step 6.

  8. The photo and the caption will be published on your Facebook homepage and profile page, that photo or post will also show up on your friends news feeds, all that soon after you sent the email.

I hope that this has been a very useful guide, follow these steps carefully and for sure you will successfully complete the task of sending your mobile photos to Facebook.

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