How To Be Invisible To Your Gmail / Gtalk / Gchat Contacts


How To Be Invisible To Your Gmail / Gtalk / Gchat Contacts

As you probably know, Google is one of the biggest brands in the world, more precisely is the second biggest brand in the world after Apple with a value of about $111 billion. Google is famous for their search engine, but over the past years the IT giant have launched a lot of other services that any Internet user can enjoy, among them Google Maps, Google Images, Google Videos, Google News and Google Mail.

Using your GMail account now you can chat with your friends using, Google Talk service (formerly known as Gchat). But some Google Talk users have complained about the “Invisible” option that doesn’t exist in the Google Talk application. Unlike other chat applications, Google Talk doesn’t have a feature that allows you to go in “Invisible” mode like other chat applications, like Yahoo! Messenger. But if you use Google Talk with Gmail, you can go “Invisible” to your buddies at anytime.

Anyway it seems there’s a way to go invisible for your buddy using the Google Talk application, but this method involves blocking the entire list of contacts. Blocking a contact means her / she won’t be able to see you when you are online, nor chat with you anymore. Of course, you can unblock then at anytime

Let’s see how to stop someone from seeing you while using Google Talk, both in Gmail and Google Talk application.

How to Go Invisible in Google Talk with GMail
  1. Go to GMail, and sign in to your Google Talk account in order to be able to see the contacts list

  2. Scroll and locate the arrow next to “Chat” you should be able to find it in the left side panel of the GMail window

  3. Now click the “Invisible” button. When you see the “You are invisible” message it means you successfully entered invisible mode. If you want to go back being visible, click the link that reads “Go visible”

How to Go Invisible in Google Talk Application

First you will have to launch the Google Talk. Do this by launching it from the “Start” menu or by double-clicking the Google Talk icon on your desktop

Now right-click on the buddy you want to block

Click the “Block” option, then confirm your command by clicking “OK.” If you want to unblock the person, in the Google Talk application go to “Settings” > “Blocked”, and select the person from the list  you want to unblock.

Note that once you block a contact, he / she won’t be able to see your status or when you are online, as well he / she won’t be able to chat with you anymore.

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