How To Choose The Best Mobile Internet Provider And Services When Working On-The-Go


How To Choose The Best Mobile Internet Provider And Services When Working On-The-Go

Things are getting increasingly tangled because of the more and more carriers, sellers, and manufacturers bringing other possibilities to connect wireless to the Internet while on the go. Unfortunately, there are a lot of devices and types of connectivity.

The mobile Internet connectivity can be divided in some categories such as: how often you connect, how much bandwidth you require, and you much it will cost you monthly ( or however you have set your billing cycle ).

We will present you 5 methods for you to connect to the mobile Internet:

  • The integrated 3G / 4G

A great thing is that some laptops have integrated Internet connectivity. This means you won’t have to connect through other devices. The simplest method possible is to buy a laptop that has integrated 3G / 4 G support, but unfortunately there are some minuses.

You have to think well before making a decision. A good choice may be HP’s new 3G mobile service that comes with the Elitebook laptops, and the good news is that other manufacturers will follow. Users that have an Internet connection based on a 3G-enabled device can consider to stop their monthly payments.

  • USB Stick

Second on the list is the USB Stick, which is one of the earliest methods of wireless Internet connectivity that offer users the possibility to connect your device through it. The great news is that you don’t have to use a certain device. On the other hand, USB sticks offer only wired connectivity and cannot create a shared Wi-Fi network. Another issue is that you can only use it with devices that has an USB port, so bye bye 3G / 4G iPad.

The USB stick has it advantages as well of course. If you want to use your Internet connection only for business purposes, this is the greatest choice. You can also share it with members from your team, for example, but do not remember to share the bill as well. So you can use a USB stick Internet connection you have to sign an agreement with the desired wireless carrier, and you will receive the device for free.

  • Wireless Hotspot

Another interesting way to access Internet, is to share your mobile wireless connection. A mobile wireless spot permit users to connect multiple gadgets using a WiFi hotspot. Let’s assume that your 3G connection works fine for e-mail and web browsing, but not strong enough to sustain a connection for your laptop.

This can be ‘fixed’ by signing another subscription, or you can even switch to another carrier, that may have better offers. The more bandwidth you want, the bigger will be the payment bill, so be careful what you choose.

  • Tethering

This method depends on what device you have. It will allow you to tether your laptop, tablet, cellphone, or other devices, to a mobile Internet connection using WiFi, USB, or Bluetooth. For this service you will have to pay $20 extra, whatever data plan you had already signed.

Let me tell you that a while ago, a method could be used to by-pass payment. One method was Jailbreaking the iOS device, or you could use some applications available for free on the Android Market.Unfortunately, this had an end when mobile carriers revolted and demanded this apps to vanish.┬áTethering is yet again a good option for those who want to use the connection for business only, especially since you can connect a laptop and an iPad through an iPhone’s Internet connection.

  • The ‘Starbucks’ Method

This connection method can be very useful in some circumstances. As you already know, a lot of places offer free WiFi hotspot ( restaurants, fast-foods, airports, parks, and more ). You can find a lot of great and useful applications around the Interwebs.

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