How To Protect/Remove Suspicious Facebook Links


How To Protect/Remove Suspicious Facebook Links

What is the 1st word you think about when I say social media? Well I think 80-90% of you will pin point towards the Facebook word. But what happens when the most famous social network gets attacked. If anything bad happens on Facebook the thing will be posted and this being a “web” like site it will get around very quickly. And also this means that if someone has some bad intentions it won’t be hard to make them happen. We don’t know the reason why some people spread viruses but we try to find numerous ways to protect us and you against their attacks.

As probably you already hard and seen Osama bin Laden was shot dead in an US raid and Facebook filled with fake links telling you to see the “Osama execution censored video”. The result was a little obvious but people were to curios to resist and clicked on the link. The most annoying thing is that those links are going to appear again and again. So how can you stop them and also stop the effect they do. Well at 1st I would advice to have a more rational thinking but with the infection already happening we should try other ways. Like for example a great free tool, that will help you now and in the future is the “Using Protection” program.

How To Install Using Protection:

We can tell you from the start that Using Protection is a free tool that was made for personal use. It comes in the Firefox and Internet Explorer and does a pretty nice job. Also I have managed to install the app on Google Chrome but at some point there were some significant changes to the scam links I tested.

There are 3 simple steps to do so. 1st you will need to provide an email address where to sign up. Then, there is the option to post an update, letting your friends know about the installation. This can be skipped very easily with the press of a button. The last step is downloading it and then installing (this is pretty forward and I don’t think you will encounter any problems). But now let’s see what is the big fuss about this app and what can it do for you.

What does it do?

Well, every time you go and visit a page on Facebook, that page will be scanned for any suspicious links. If any suspect link is detected, it will be removed and also make a notice about it letting your friends know about the attack. Very simple and at the 1st time very effective!

Another great thing about it is the fact that the tool makes all those protection things in the background silently without cluttering your screen space which makes it even better. Also if you think a little you also realize that Facebook won’t be a very clean place very soon so I consider this tool to be a must have for every Facebook user.

And in fact I think you should install this even if you are not a daily base user of the social site. Being ready and have a good protection is always something you have to take care of.

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