How To Upgrade Viewsonic gTablet To CyanogenMod 7.0.3


How To Upgrade Viewsonic gTablet To CyanogenMod 7.0.3

ViewSonic GTablet can now run on CyanogenMod 7.0.3, which is specially created to bring new features and enhancements. ViewSonic has worked very hard to bring improved battery live and a new and enhanced user interface. Better graphics are also implemented within this update.

ViewSonic is running on the Tegra 2 CPU, and is based on Google’s Android 2.2 version, and was created to also support Flash 10.1 but you can update it if you like to the Adobe Flash 10.2 version. Now we have to start the actual process on how you can update your phone with the CyanogenMod 7.0.3.

But before we do that keep in mind that you have to do some procedures first such as installing the Clockwork mod Recovery and then flashing the CyanogenMod ROM in your phone. Now please pay attention and follow our step-by-step tutorial to see how you can easily update your phone.

Pre installation requirements:

  • Please make sure to create a backup of all your messages, contacts, applications, photos, and other files, because you may possibly loose all data after rooting the device. After the process finishes, you can simply transfer all your files back into the device.

  • Your battery has to be charged at least 50%, because you may encounter problems regarding this, and because the process will drain a lot of battery power from your device. So this is a very important thing that you don’t have to forget.

  • With the installation of the new firmware, all your APN configurations will be lost, so you won’t have access to the Internet anymore. You can easily configure this again, after the process have finished.

Tutorial on how to install the Custom Recovery Image:

  • First thing to do is to download the Clock Work Mod package on your machine and the unzip the files to get access to the application.

  • Now you will have to copy this zip.file to the root of your device ( not in other place because the firmware will not be recognized. Another tip is to copy the Cyanogen firmware file to the SD card.

  • Now shut down your device. Now you have to turn it on by pressing the Volume Up button and the Power button in the same time so the device will boot in the stock recovery. In this recovery mode you will be able to use the Volume buttons as the navigation keys, so use them to get to the ‘apply’ and press Home button for ‘Ok’.

How to install the latest CyanogenMod 7.0.3 in ViewSonic GTablet:

Using ROM Manager method:

  • Go to your ViewSonic GTablet and launch the Rom Manager app and click on the Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery to update tot the latest version.

  • From the main menu you have to select Download ROM.

  • Now select the Cyanogen option, after which you will have to select the latest version of Cyanogen, but please make to sure to alto check the Google Apps option, because this files are also necessary.

  • After the ROM is downloaded, you will be taken to Backup Existing ROM and Wipe Data and Cache.

Right now the ViewSonic GTablet will reboot in recovery mode, wipe data and cache and it will install CyanogenMod. After the process finishes, the device will automatically reboot into the Cyanogen Mod and that’s it, this is all you have to do.

Using Recovery method:

  • Download the latest version of CyanogenMod 7.0.3 for your ViewSonic GTablet as well as the ClockworkMod Recovery. After copying this files you have to reboot the device into the ClockworkMod Recovery mode.

  • After the device will reboot in the recovery mode, you have to install the zip file from your SD card, by selecting the Cyanogenmod

  • Please make sure to also check the Wipe Data / Factory reset and Wipe Cache Partition so the app will delete all unnecessary files.

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