How To Back-up Your PC On Your Gmail Account


How To Back-up Your PC On Your Gmail Account

First off all I will tell you something about the application and its beginnings. Gmail is a free IMAP and POP3 service developed by Google. The application has first seen beta stage on April 1, 2004, and it was launched officially on February 7, 2007, but still being in beta stage, remaining so for a while.

Google Apps suite was launched on July 7, 2009 the same date when Gmail emerged from the beta stage. The app had a very big success, and on November 2010 Google managed to raise 193.3 million users / month.

When Gmail was launched, users were limited to 1GB of storage, but considering that competitors such as Hotmail at that time had only 2 or 4 MB of storage, it was a big leap, and advantage as well. When launched it was based on AJAX, but now it’s running on Google GFE / 2.0 on Linux.

Thanks to Google, Gmail users have the possibility to store their data by using more than 8 GB of free room. This free storage can be used to save a lot of messages and files before reaching the limit. The great news is that is so much space offered, that you can use Gspace and Gmail Drive to transform your account into a virtual back-up drive.

Keep in mind that if you are using Mozilla Firefox, the Gspace is already buil-in, and the Gmail Drive is already on your machine, but both will save your files by copy them from your system to the Gmail account. Please be careful and follow the tutorial exactly:

  1. Open Firefox on your machine, download and install the Gspace add-on.

  2. The application will automatically restart after installation. Click the ‘Tools’ tab and go to ‘Gspace’.

  3. In the ‘Gspace’ application click on the ‘Manage Accounts’ ┬átab.

  4. You will be asked to enter your Gmail username and password. Do as asked and click the ‘Save’ button.

  5. Go to the ‘Login’ field and enter your password again.

  6. On the left side you will be able to ‘Browse’ your machine for the files that need back up.

  7. Now you have so selected the files you want to back up by clicking on them. After selecting the files, click on the arrow to start the process.

  8. After the process is completed, open the browser again and log in to your Gmail account. You will notice that you files are available in your account anytime you like.

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