How To Stream Live Sports On iPhone Using WatchESPN App


How To Stream Live Sports On iPhone Using WatchESPN App

For all those who did not know two years ago the providers and the big cable networks guys started talking about the concept of “TV Everywhere”. This plan was to simply let the TV cable subscribers just watch anything that was on TV to¬†whatever device they wanted. This idea of the¬†whenever/whatever access was the “strategic attack” from the company to keep the¬†subscribers paying their monthly bill. The¬†subscribers were approaching more and more¬†competition such as: Netflix, Apple TV and Hulu.

This great idea was great sounding on the paper but a very slow in the production process, but finally it was born: ESPN’s new “WatchESPN” app and yes it just does what the name suggests it does. This new app lets you¬†watch for free live TV on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and it doesn’t matter where you are because it works¬†anywhere.

Pretty cool stuff because it seems that it works amazingly well and is quite important to mention that this app was so awaited especially from those sports fanatics. The idea is simple how we did mention above : watch sport live on the go on your smartphone.

This great app is been released for the : iPod, iPhone, and iPad touch. The good news is that in May there will be expected an iPad optimized version of this app.

Here is the bad part: for those sport fanatics that aren’t on Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable or Verizon FiOS TV well this app can only stream on one of this networks. Starting on watching sports live and not any network on earth but instead the largest network on the market well this sounds like a great deal for me but not so great news for those DirecTV, Dish Network and Comcast customers because we are sure that they feel left out of this great app.

Now Folks at ESPN did make the promise to release much more version of the app for other tablets and smartphones and bellow we got for you some useful downloads

Now you can download WatchESPN for iPhone. Enjoy!

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