How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad On iOS 4.3.3 ( Untethered )


How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad On iOS 4.3.3 ( Untethered )

For all iDevice users I have good news for you. You may know that the guys from Apple has released their new iOS, iOS 4.3.3, that fix some bugs, like the iOS location. You must know that you can Jailbreak your iPhone, your iPod Touch and your iPad easily. To Jailbreak your iDevice, you will be able to use even PwnageTool or Redsn0w.

If you want to Jailbreak your iDevice using PwnageTool (Tethered), you can read a complete guide here. But I present you the Redsn0w method. Also, you may know that the Redsn0w method is released by the guys from iPhone Dev Team and it is available also on Windows and Mac OS X.

If you have iPad 2, you must know that you can’t jailbreak it, yet. The supported devices are:

  • iPod touch 3G

  • iPod touch 4G

  • iPhone 3GS;

  • iPhone4 (GSM)

  • iPad1AppleTV2G (v4.3 8F202)

Very Important: Before start the Jailbreak process, you must know:┬áif you don’t have an neverlock device, don’t try this method.

Here are the steps for How Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on iOS 4.3.3:
  1. First, you must to download iOS 4.3.3 for your iDevice and also you must to download Redsn0w for you computer operating system. You can download your iOS 4.3.3 from here and also you can download Redsn0w for Windows from here and Redsn0w for Mac OS from here.

  2. Next, you must to Update or Restore your device using the downloaded IPSW file. You must use iTunes 10.2.2 and also you can download it from here.

  3. Now, you must to run the Redsn0w app from your computer.

  4. Next, you must to press the Browse button and you must to select the downloaded IPSW file.

  5. Now, you must to press the Next button and also you must to check the Install Cydia box.

  6. Press again the Next button and then you must to put your iDevice in DFU mode. Here are the instructions to put your iDevice in DFU mode:

    • make sure that your device is turn off;

    • press the Home + Power buttons for 10 seconds;

    • release the Power button, but keep pressing the Home button.

  7. Finally, you must wait until the Jailbreak process is complete. Your iDevice(iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) will automatically restart.

And that’s all. You will have a fully Jailbreak iDevice(untethered), using iOS 4.3.3 firmware. if you have questions, don’t forget, you can type them in the comments area.

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