How To Unlock Samsung Sidekick 4G From T-Mobile


How To Unlock Samsung Sidekick 4G From T-Mobile

I am sure that all the persons who have the Sidekick 4G from T-Mobile consider the device amazing. And I agree 100% when it comes to this Android base smartphone coming from Samsung.

This device has an OS that gives you full Google service integration. You will find that using things like Gmail, Google Maps and in fact all things related to Google have never been easier. In fact many specialists consider that the Sidekick 4G for T-Mobile has one of the most advanced and complete messaging features.  I think Samsung manage to make another greater device that the market is fully satisfied with it.

Well here at SoftSailor, we were able to find a method in which you will be able to Unlock Sidekick 4g from T-Mobile, method that will make its amazing functions available to any network you may think about. I would advice that if you previously tried to use a faulty code to unlock this device you should contact us. Another great thing about this unlock is the fact that once you have unlocked the smartphone, it will stay that way regardless of the firmware upgrade.

For the code I would consider going and purchasing it from HERE. You can even eliminate the “Sim network unlock PIN” with the usage of the unlock code. Once you make the order to the site they will send your unlock code via email.

You will receive things like:

  • One unlock code for your T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

  • The details needed for unlocking the phone and a nice made guide to easily unlock your 4G device with the provided unlock code.

In order for the unlock code to work the site will ask for your IMEI number. This can be obtained by pressing *#06# on your device like in the case of making a common phone call. To be sure you have the right number know that your IMEI number is always 15-17 digits long. After receiving the Unlock Code by email here are the steps needed to be made in order to use your device on the desired GSM network.

Samsung Sidekick 4G unlocking instructions:

  1. Insert a non accepted SIM card.

  2. Go to the unlock menu

  3. Insert the unlock code (NCK code) that you received by email

  4. The phone should be unlocked.

  5. There will be some phones that will require a service provider code (we are speaking about sp code)

And that’s all to it. Simple and easy to do!

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