How To Block MSN / Windows Live Messenger Chat Invitations


How To Block MSN / Windows Live Messenger Chat Invitations

For starters, the Windows Live Messenger formerly called MSN Messenger, is a creation from Microsoft that has the purpose to be an IM client. This messenger was designed to work on the following:

  1. Windows XP operating system.

  2. Windows Vista.

  3. Windows 7.

  4. Windows Mobile.

  5. Windows CE.

  6. Xbox 360.

  7. Blackberry OS.

  8. Java ME, S60 on Symbian Os9 x.

  9. Zune HD.

Not to forget that this has been a part of Microsoft Windows Live services since 2005 and the client was released on the date of July 22nd, 1999 as we all know it: MSN Messenger. But six years ago the name was changed into Windows Live Messenger, and after this decision, the company reported that the service was attracting over 330 million active monthly users.

Today you definitely need a public profile¬†account¬†on Windows Live so that’s why if you need to make that personal info not so accessible to anyone but instead just those people you added as friends, here is the article that will show you just how easy is to do this. All you have to do is to learn how to block your profile and this is way we will show you how to do this below.

So you can use the Windows Live messenger tools menu to help go ahead and follow the few steps below:

  1. Do what you usually do just log in to your Windows Live account by using your password and your email address.

  2. Start now by choosing the “Tools” from that menu tool bar.

  3. Now click the “Options”.

  4. After please click the “Personal” it will be on the left column by the way.

  5. Now click the “Edit Profile”.

  6. Into the Internet browser there will be a new window opened so please make sure to sign in your profile in that new opened window.

  7. Go¬†ahead¬†now and simply click on your name and after choose the : “Privacy Options”

  8. Click now on that “Save” button.

From now you will be able to modify any time the privacy settings of your Windows Live.

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