How To Find Your Stolen Phone


How To Find Your Stolen Phone

This one will prove very useful for those of you who tend to lose their phones on a daily base. And if I think a little the next article could also prove very useful even in the worst case scenario where your device will be stolen.

If you have an iOS base phone there is an application called “Find My iPhone”? But what about the people who have Android as the OS on their smartphones? Well for those, there are some nice tricks that can be done. In the following article we will discuss about the method and what this really means.

You will be happy to know about a situation where some thieves were accidently caught because one of them accidently called 911. The police listen to how they made a plan for a heist and following the recorded call made the accusations and arrested them.

We don’t say your device will catch a thief red handed but we do say it can help locate him. You can set your device to automatically “pocket-dial” pretty much any number you want in the event it’s stolen. All you need is an Android base smartphone and Tasker ($6.59 in the Android Market)

How to set up your phone to dial a number in the case it receives a text message:

We think the time for someone to make a “Find My Android” application has come. Until that happens here is how you can handle the situation where someone stoles your phone. Although we are not speaking about ground breaking technology this is a good opportunity and way to solve the situation. We assume that you already got the Tasker and already have the required installation done (it’s pretty straight forward and don’t see anything difficult to happen in the process).

  1. Open the Tasker application and tap on the New option. From there set up your profile name to Pocket Dial and press OK.

  2. A Context dialog will appear. From there select Event , select Phone from the Select Event Category Dialog, and then tap Received Text.

  3. Now you will have to scroll down on the Received Text dialog and be sure to make the Content to something unique. Even setting it to “Make the Content to something unique” is a pretty unique way to do things. There is the option to set the sender name to make sure only a specific number or contact will make the event happen. Now press the “Done” option.

  4. A nice Task Selection dialog should appear by now. In here tap Mew Task. You have the option to five it a name but in my case I just tap OK to skip this step. This is very useful especially if you plan to use in other Tasker setups.

  5. From the Task Edit / Anonymous dialog you will have to press the + button. After that press Phone and then tap Call.

  6. Where the Call dialog appears you will have to enter the number that you would like the device to dial when it will receive the trigger message written above. Notice there is a checkbox next to Auto Dial. You will have to tick it and then tap Done. (Tip: You would probably want your device to call 911 if anything happens to it. Well apparently my Android base phone cant auto-dial emergency numbers. Also if you think a little you wouldn’t annoy the police with some false alarms regarding your device.)

  7. Be sure that the task is turned on. This happens if you see a green check box right next to it. Make sure the On/Off button in the bottom right corner of Tasker is set in the right way. Now simply click Apply! Tasker should close at this point but take notice that your new Pocket Dial profile is just waiting in the background and we hope you may never need to use it. The profile can even be more customized to your needed settings.

A simple test would be to text the trigger message to your pho. If all the procedures were done ok then the device should call the desired number as soon as it receives the text. Easy and very practical!

But are you actually going to catch any Crook with this method? As we said before this is not a 100% stolen phone/catch bad guy a method but it gives you something to hang on. As we always say something is better than nothing!

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